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avast! Users Frustrated With Unwanted Chrome Browser.

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    avast! Users Frustrated With Unwanted Chrome Browser.

    Reports of the inclusion of Google Chrome with the latest avast! upgrade began trickling in several days ago when Version 7 was released.

    As illustrated below, the issue is complicated by differing reports of the upgrade process.

    Some avast! users report that they were not presented with the pre-checked option to install Google Chrome.
    There are reports that the avast! window presented after reboot does not remain active long enough to uncheck the pre-checked options. (Note: it was also reported that the window was presented after the first hard restart rather than the initial restart installing the upgrade.)
    People with Google Chrome installed have reported that even unchecking the installation option resulted in a second install of Chrome! In addition, that second install wrecked havoc with the existing Chrome installation, resetting the current users profile to default and extensions missing.
    Others reported problems with Hostman Server and Sandboxie, necessitating an uninstall/reinstall of avast!.
    avast! Users Frustrated With Unwanted Chrome Browser ~ Security Garden

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    I don't know why, but I never liked to use Chrome.... So I'm not so sad !
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    Am I int the right place?
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    I liked it, but then i saw my downloads folder after 6 moths...
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    Well, I guess you could say I just blundered in to the Avast install. I watched the installation progress and, almost at the end of the installing bar, it stated "installing Chrome". I then stopped the installation (found I also had to click the "x" to close the window (which didn't!). I logged off and on again to get rid of the window and, Voila! Avast without Chrome. Just as a precaution I looked into the new Avast folder and deleted the Chrome operative.
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    Am I int the right place?
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    That's the new age marketing, installing software that user doesn't want. (actually i think that "babylon thingy that i've removed over six times is spying my on computer )
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    At least Avast! gives you the option to not install Chrome by deselecting it (should be the other way round, select if you want it, but that's marketing for you), unlike other programs where things get installed that you can't opt not to (even if you wanted to).
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    Ho Hum - didn't people see the "I don't want Chrome" Box (Very small in the lower left-hand corner of the initial Avast Screen)????

    Robin (who did!)
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    Google Chrome is the new Ask toolbar. They [Google] are shoving it down peoples throats at every opportunity, they've even got nut jobs like Lady GaGa promoting it
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    Hmmm - it appears that the "Pro" version doesn't have Chrome linked at all, nor Google Bar.....
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    … but on another Pro install (Win 8 CP 64-bit in Virtualbox) there it was again??? Wierd!!!
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avast! Users Frustrated With Unwanted Chrome Browser.
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