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What program should I use to remove Bettersurf

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    What program should I use to remove Bettersurf

    Hi, i have a slight problem..
    A couple of days ago I noticed that there were strange things popping up on my laptop. Messages with all kinds of ads just started showing out of nowhere. I searched and found out where they were from and I found a removal guide here Ads by BetterSurf Removal Guide
    but the thing is that they want me to download some program that i know nothing about and to do a scan with it.. What program should I use to remove Bettersurf (that's where the ads came from) from my computer? Thanks!

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    Being cautious about d/l ing a program you never heard of is a good move on your part. Lots of websites will give you a link to a "remover" without specifying what the program is. In some cases, if you d/l these, you can end up being worse off then you were before.

    Start with Malwarebytes. D/L the free version & do a full system scan. If it finds anything, be sure to check the boxes of the found items & quarantine them. If Malwarebytes is unable to remove it, boot to safe mode & run a scan with it.

    Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FREE

    If Malwarebytes proves ineffective at removing BetterSurf, run AdwCleaner.

    AdwCleaner Download

    Microsoft claims on this site that Windows Defender or MS Safety Scanner can also remove this annoyance.
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    Borg 386 gives excellent advice, as usual!!
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    Borg 386, thank you so much!! I used Malwarebytes and I think my computer is BetterSurf free now
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    Glad you got it sorted out. Keep an eye on your system behavior as malware unfortunately tends to invite other malware. Malwarebytes releases updates daily (3X on average) & needs to be manually updated unless you spring for the Pro version, which will include auto updating & active background scanning.
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    MalwareBytes is excellent!!
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What program should I use to remove Bettersurf
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