Microsoft have now announced much more about their plans for Windows 8 running on ARM architecture including the somewhat curious decision to support the full Windows desktop, even though almost nothing can run on it. But the fact that the desktop exists at all, and this means that it might be possible to install software that doesnít come directly from the new Windows Store, leaves an interesting malware question mark over the platform.

So far, Windows 8 on ARM is the most malware resistant operating system on the planet! Iíve always wanted to say that but this time itís actually true icon smile Will Windows 8 on ARM be Malware Resistant? No malware at all exists that can infect this platform as nobodyís been able to write anything for it yet. Thus, Windows 8 on ARM for the primary reason that it will be an embedded OS, will go on to be the most secure version of the operating system ever. This wonít stop some forms of malware that try to trick users into giving up sensitive details, especially in the desktop version of Internet Explorer that will still support plug-ins (but ONLY ARM-encoded plug-ins I might add!) but nothing will be able to attack the operating system directly. This will make Windows 8 on ARM just like iOS, QNX or WebOS in being malware resistant. Iím leaving Android out of this as Google donít monitor apps as theyíre submitted and thus the platform does have a malware problem.
Will Windows 8 on ARM be Malware Resistant?