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Help unwanted malware!!

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    Help unwanted malware!!

    Hi all, I downloaded 7 zip on a page that has always been reliable.Well it gave me crap in my startup page on foxfire and IE. Here is what it says when ever I open my broswer.{97C4E76E-A66E-4060-908D-B11223C757CA}&serpv=22

    I ran Malwarebytes to see if could get rid of it. It did show up on there I deleted it but it won't go away.

    I have windows Basic 64 bit

    Any ones help would be great!!


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    Check you installed programs in the control panel and delete it if it's in there. Next uninstall FF and reinstall it and with IE reset it to default settings then reboot and see what you get.
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    Yes sorry I did remove it in the control pannel. So if I uninstall firefox and reinstall will it save my bookmarks ect?
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    7zip has an official website. Don't go to "pages that are reliable", especially download sites, whatever your experience has been with them. Most of their software can be uploaded by any user, so you can't have assurances that it is safe. Go to the official site : 7-Zip or the sourceforge one : 7-Zip | Free Security & Utilities software downloads at

    The latest 32 bit exe installer for 7zip has these hashes (to calculate them you can use HashTab tool to quickly find file hash information) :
    MD5: B3FDF6E7B0AECD48CA7E4921773FB606
    SHA1: 55283AD59439134673FC32FC097BDD9AE920FBC6
    SHA256: 1e2f2a8fb52d3972b9b65b8ad1bebb66965c47a2994f89b3d652c31e6f6e4c3c

    And here is a scan result on this file :
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    See if this page is of any use:

    Remove Findwide Search (Uninstall Guide)

    Also running Malwarebytes in safe mode is also recommended.
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    Barney thanks so much it fixed it. Take care and Happy New Year!!!

    I have another issues maybe you might know about. I keep having this thing pop up telling me I need to connect my drive and save my history. I have no clue what that means or why it is popping up. Every since I got it back from Hp it has been doing that. I am like what the heck it that.
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    You probably have some HP "backup" utility installed and that's popping up the "nag screen" you're seeing.
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    You may have some crapware they put in. Have a look at this link. The 1st one, PC Decrapifier is the most common one used.

    Five apps for crapware cleanup - TechRepublic
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Help unwanted malware!!
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