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Help with bitlocker requiring key every time I boot up.

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    Help with bitlocker requiring key every time I boot up.

    After I restored to default settings in the bios , I get into this problem of bitlocker requiring the key to start. I tried to suspend bit locker but bit locker management is not available . OS is win 8.1 , product is Dell Venue Pro 11 Tablet.

    When I tried to use elevated command to disable bitlocker , the system does not recognize "protectors" in the command line.

    What am I to do? I am sick of entering the very long Key , each time I bootup


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    Problem solved.

    I must have miss typed the command to disable Bitlocker the first time I tried it.

    After disabling and re enabling . It is OK again.

    I still find it strange that the Bit Locker On/Off Encryption function is not available from the Control Panel.
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    Hey Sportflyer,

    I'm thinking that this may be the new feature Device Encryption since this is for a Windows 8.1 tablet.

    Surface, BitLocker, and the future of encryption

    Help protect your files with device encryption - Microsoft Windows Help
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    Hey, Brink,

    I am still in trouble. After I entered the command to disable , it seems to work on restart. Then I re enable the encryption . It still seems to work on restart . However after I shut down the Tablet , the problem reappears on reboot. It asks for the Keys again. What must I do ?

    Should I use the command delete instead of disable? Can I add a type so command looks like

    manage-bde -protectors -delete c: -type TPMandStartupKey

    What will this do ?

    Alternatively there is a way to shut it off within Windows but that means total decyption of the drive c. Will this action take up additional C: space after decryption ?

    Suggestions needed as I am sick of entering all the string of characters after a cold reboot. Thanks
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    Personally, with as many issues you are having with it, I would unlock the drive and turn off BitLocker to decrypt it.

    Decrypting the drive will not take up any space.
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    How best to do this ? Via the Win8.1 GUI or via command prompt ? If via command, can you point me to the correct commands to use?


    BTW every now and then Eight Forums freezes up on me and I have to restart my computer to be able to reply to the thread.
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    You could use either option to turn off BitLocker to decrypt that you feel comfortable using, or will allow you to.

    I'd use the GUI to make it easy.

    What browser are you using?

    As a test, temporarily disable all add-on and toolbars installed to the browser to see how it works afterwards. One of them may be having an issue.
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    I am using IE Explorer 11 desktop version for this DVP11 Tablet. I have no other add-ons or Toolbars . I did not like the Metro UI version of IE 11. I use Chrome for all other machines .

    I am going to hold off decrypting c: for the time being. Disabling the Encryption seems to work , provided I don't re enable it . Of course security is compromised.

    My biggest fear is that after decrypting and encrypting , the same problem occurs ie request for key on cold boot. I cannot understand why bit locker does not recognize the change I made in the bios ( its simply just reloading defaults ) and simply apply the keys to the changed state.

    BTW after I decrypt and re encrypt, will the keys change? ie the long string of 48 numbers remain the same or I will have to get new ones

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    If you decrypt and encrypt again, you'll get a new encryption key, so be sure to save or print a copy of it. It should also save a new startup key in the TPM to hopefully have it work as it should again.

    Looking at your tablets specs, it says it has a TPM, so when you reset BIOS back to default, it may have clear the TPM as well causing you to have to enter the BitLocker recovery key afterwards since the startup key is no longer in the TPM.
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    Is there a simpler way to fix this beside decrypting and encrypting? Any way of re entering the key to the TPM ?
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Help with bitlocker requiring key every time I boot up.
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