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    Windows Defender (built in to Win 8.1), CCleaner Pro and MalwareBytes Pro are what I use and I do AV for a living...

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    Windows 8.1.1

    Avast Internet Security, MBAM Pro and CCleaner free here.
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    Whatever suits you.


    My personal idea of a safe PC, either a laptop or desktop is:

    Vipre Internet Security, (for up to 10 PC's), CCleaner, MalWare Bytes and CryptoPrevent. As yet I have not experienced any problems relating to, Trojans, Viruses Malware etc. Vipre does not slow down either my desktop or laptop. Every time I start up my desktop or laptops the first thing I do is check for updates for the AV then Emails and then surf, work or play. After surfing the net I always delete history etc, when shutting down IE, check PC/laptop with CCleaner and Malware Bytes. This might seem a convoluted way to use either pc's but to me I feel safe. I scan both PC's at least twice a week with Vipre, one manually one auto-setup. To date everything is working fine. To me it is a matter of choice and reviews, and "You make a choice for free and then if it suits you go for it.

    ps, Thanks to this forum for all help.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64 / Windows 8.1 Pro x64 Dual Boot

    I am of the opinion that as far as Windows 8.1 goes the only antivirus that does not make the OS take a performance hit is Microsoft's own Windows Defender.

    Since the release of 8.1 I have been playing around installing and uninstalling different antivirus software both free and paid and I have come to the conclusion that installing anything but Windows Defender is going to have performance repercussions on the system. Everything I have installed to date has made my system take a hit, whether it be small or major. The minute I uninstall the antivirus software and let Windows Defender take over everything is back to normal and the system runs lickety split.

    Now I am running Windows Defender / Malwarebytes Pro / Crypto Prevent and CCleaner.
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    Anti-Virus Windows 8.1...Whatever Suits You


    As my post says; 'Whatever Suits You'. I can only speak from my own experience, like yourself. To date I have not experienced any problems with either of my PC's, especially Email embodied rubbish. Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones. Why oh why do hackers have to invent and send out 'Trojans', 'Viruses', Malware and the like? They would, in my opinion gain more points in attacking websites that encourage grown ups to seek out minors and children. If I had my way all those taking part in this sort of behaviour "Should be Castrated and serve at least 100years in prison", or better still, in this country, UK, 'BRING BACK HANGING', sorry for shouting, look at Gary Glitter! Anyway I digress. You pays your money and take your choice. As long as whatever way the individual sets his/her PC up and is careful where they surf or what they download, they will enjoy many years of this brilliant technology.
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    Hey snapp, a bit harsh to "Hackers" eh ?. It's just a generic term, I think 90% are not on the "Dark side" at all. Without "Hackers" we would not have Linux and open and free software etc. On the other hand all of us that are continually tinkering with computers and SW could could be considered at least partly hackers. The ones that are doing malicious things can have many "colors", from just curious kids to ones that do it for financial gain and are prosecuted for that when caught. Like in case with a lot of criminals, belief that they are not going to get caught is more important than the punishment and that too has to fit the crime. Seriously, you would hang a curious teenager for writing or distributing a piece of mallware ? After all, most such stuff is coming from them but they can easily become serious programmers and IT specialists. On the other hand they keep OS and SW manufacturers on their toes and like that make it safer for all of us from determined criminals.
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    Perhaps that was a bit harsh. I just wish that those out there with the knowledge would Please do something about those vulgar horrible websites. Me being a father and what personal things happened to one of my children, perhaps you will excuse me for being a bit harsh. My apologies go out to those "Hackers" that do good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapp View Post

    Perhaps that was a bit harsh. I just wish that those out there with the knowledge would Please do something about those vulgar horrible websites. Me being a father and what personal things happened to one of my children, perhaps you will excuse me for being a bit harsh. My apologies go out to those "Hackers" that do good.
    I understand your point and 'am 100% with you there, even as an old adult I'm sometimes appalled by some sites but...
    To get rid of stuff like that would require heavy censorship not compatible with democracy, free speech etc on a very uncontrollable media so it may be just wishful thinking we could get rid of that stuff.
    Reality is that there's so much of ugly stuff going on with humanity that it has almost become a norm. I stopped watching horror films because they feel almost like comedy comparing to watching news.
    It's up to individual to shield her/himself and loved ones 'cause nobody (almost) will do it any more.
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    windows 8.1

    Hello i believe that McAfee and Malwarebytes is the best solution for windows 8.1(use it my self)
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    Windows defender is only enough for Viruses it cannot remove or tackle for Malwares, ad-wares, ransome-ware etc...
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Anti-Virus Windows 8.1
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