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All downloads blocked by security settings

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    All downloads blocked by security settings

    Hi there, I am running 8.1, and firefox 25. I can't download or run Avast, or download any executables, suddenly. I lowered my security settings to Medium and added Avast to the firewall permissions, but to no avail. My download settings were already at "prompt" anyway, so there's something deeper I can't figure out. I'm a reasonably competent generalist but not super computer smart, so I need answers for the layperson Thanks for any help.

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    Have you checked for malware?
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    Windows 8

    I can't get the scanning software to run because of the uplink issues. I've broken down and taken it to a tech. I'm sorry I bought a pc-my mac was more expensive but it ran effortlessly. I thought I wanted to learn how to geek a pc, but I just can't get the logic of it, pr at least not in a way that solves my problems. Oh well.
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    I would first try for a system restore
    1) go to control panel
    2)enter recovery in the search box,and click recovery
    3)now click on system recovery and follow on-screen instructions

    after doing that try checking the drives for errors Check Hard Drive For File System Errors in Windows 8
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All downloads blocked by security settings
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