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Windows 8x File Security 3 fundamental questions

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    I would suggest getting an external drive enclosure.

    Like this: Aluratek Drive Enclosure External AHDDU100F - Best Buy

    You can remove the drive from any computer & connect it directly to another.

    It also allows you to run virus scans or chkdsk.

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    Now see, that is a damn good idea. (..thinking outside the box?)

    Within 5min of reading your post I was in my car driving towards Best Buy.

    All they had was a Blac X Thermaltake. It looks exactly the same but costs $38.12.

    But it didn't work. I took my machine apart and plopped the HDD in the caddy and powered on, and can hear the drive spool up, but the USB isn't recognized by any of my other machines. I look online and everyone seems to be having the same problem with that devise. More problems to deal with.

    Now I have to return that and I still don't have non-OS access to my files.

    A Confederacy of Dunces I tell you. "Oh, Fortuna, you capricious sprite!"

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    Okay, I solved it.

    WinPE USB boots to a virtual drive X:\.

    But there is
    also an E:\ drive that is mounted. You can make a data directory on E:\ - then copy your data over to that. If you copy to the virtual X:\ it just disappears with the session.

    The Steps:

    - Per oneeyed, download and install the PE component of the Windows ADK - Download Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) for Windows 8.1 from Official Microsoft Download Centre

    - Follow these instructions - Windows PE USB: Install Windows PE to a USB drive

    1.) Winkey, "Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment"

    2.) Create a working copy of the Windows PE files. Specify either x86, amd64, or arm. In my case it's:
    "copype amd64 C:\WinPE_amd64"

    3.) Install Windows PE to the USB, specifying the correct drive letter.
    "MakeWinPEMedia /UFD C:\WinPE_amd64 F:"

    (Note: USB should be 1 to 4GB. The WinPE image is Fat32 so can't use more than 4GB.)

    Reboot and use F12 (may be different for other manufacturers) to access the boot devise menu and select the USB. This will take you to an X:\ prompt.

    - "cd e:" (to change directory to e. Or try "d", or "f" - depending on your machine and the drives it mounts.)

    - "md data" (make a directory called data - or whatever you want to call it.)

    - "copy c:\users\JohnDoe\Documents\*.* e:\data\*.*"

    Using of course the actual user name(s). You'll see the files copied.

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Windows 8x File Security 3 fundamental questions
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