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Full Disk Encryption - alternative to bitlocker

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    Full Disk Encryption - alternative to bitlocker

    Hi guys,

    I'm seeking full-disk encryption software. I want to encrypt the volume that my Windows installation is on.

    First of all, does Bitlocker come on the home edition of Windows 8.1? I recall on previous versions it was only available in the Pro editions.

    However, I would prefer to use an open-source disk encryption solution. I've searched but I have not found any that can encryption the Windows installation volume, the ones I found (such as TrueCrypt) can only set up additional encrypted partitions which is no good for me.

    Anyone got any ideas or solutions they would recommend?

    Thank you

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    Hi DiskCrypt, Welcome to EightForums.

    Bitlocker doesn't come in the home edition as far as i am aware.

    TrueCrypt Can't do full disk encryption in windows 8 (It can on windows 7 - Encrypt and Decrypt - Add to Context Menu - Page 2 - Windows 7 Help Forums)

    If i get chance i will see if i can find an alternative for Windows 8 Home edition tomorrow.

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    Bitlocker is Pro and enterprise only. Device encryption will work on all versions of 8.1 if you meet the requirements (which you most likely will not). Source: BitLocker Drive Encryption - Wikipedia

    While device encryption is offered on all versions of 8.1, unlike BitLocker, device encryption on x86-based devices requires that the device meet the Connected Standby specifications (which among other requirements, requires that the device use solid state storage and have RAM soldered directly to the motherboard to protect against cold boot attacks) and have a TPM 2.0 chip
    You could consider splitting your boot drive into 2 partitions - one OS and one data which you encrypt (probably including moving swapfile and moving pagefile). There isn't much to be lost from not encrypting the OS files I'd have thought.

    Another option is to use an Encrypted Hard Drive if you are using UEFI.
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Full Disk Encryption - alternative to bitlocker
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