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Conduit Search Virus on Windows Logon email account

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    Conduit Search Virus on Windows Logon email account

    Here goes:
    I just bought Windows 8.1, did a complete format of hard drive. Installed Windows 8.1.
    Created my email to use for my Windows login and my SkyDrive.
    First thing I did was do updates, then made sure Defender was turned on.
    Then installed Google Chrome, and logged into my chrome account.
    Installed VLC Player, then Wifi Mouse Server... so I can watch a blu-ray movie through tv via HDMI cable. While being able to control it all through my inactive android phone with Wifi Mouse by Necta.
    Ive used it many times before on different computers, etc... but this time, for some reason when I went to install Wifi Mouse server, it has installed an extra 6 apps, EVEN though I specifically , like every other time, decline all there offers during install.

    1. Followed many different instructions I googled on how to remove each app the right way and how to REMOVE every way possible conduit search...tried everything, nothing worked.

    2. No matter what I did to try and remove all these six apps, including using revo uninstaller and malware bytes and combofix (yes I followed every instruction on bleepingcomputers as how to properly do it)..... conduit search would always come back and be the main search engine regardless of me even changing the settings back to google.

    3. Gave up, formatted the computer, reinstalled windows 8.1, used my account, and SAMETHING!!!! CONDUIT SEARCH is back! on Internet Explorer, and most importantly Google Chrome.

    What do I do to get rid of it. Please help, I am not giving my new because I really like the email address I got for the 'partbefore' the

    Can someone please please help me. I am so frustrated. I am so mad. How can this be?!?!!? I am assuming then that conduit search uploaded itself to the my settings for my through skydrive??

    Okay, ...on internet explorer, I was able to change back the default search engine to google, restarted, and its gone of internet explorer.... BUT on my previous installation i never had this problem on internet explorer, because google chrome was my default browser. (and I checked internet explorer and it was fine on previous install).

    And now it was automatically on internet explorer (conduit search).

    So now that I installed google chrome, and logged into my google chrome account, BAMMMMM, conduit search! again!!! damnnnittt, does it ever end!?!??!?! so that must mean it infected my google chrome account?!?!?!

    Please I feel like I am going to go through the process of trying to find the owners of conduit search and the owner of wifi mouse to hunt them down and make examples out of them by breaking there legs... making it very public on the news... so that the next owners or people stepping up to run the company while previous guys are recovering in hospital WILL be scared to SCREW PEOPLE AROUND LIKE THIS. btw, lol just a fantasy,..

    Just sooooooo FRUSTRATED!

    EDIT #2:

    Also, now windows will not send me another verification code to verify my windows logon account. ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! because i already just activated it on the last install.

    EDIT #3:
    This is what I found out about the microsoft verification, I might have pressed it a couple times out of frustration, so does that mean they wont send me a new code?
    Pending Limit Exceeded To further protect your privacy and prevent unwanted e-mails, we allow only three e-mail verification messages to be sent to your inbox. If you are still unable to receive the Verification E-mail after three attempts, contact us

    So I now try to change my verification method to a different email, windows is stating
    We have a waiting period for updates to take effect. On December 20, 2013, We will delete your old security info.... Once this is deleted, you will be able to verify your account with info you have access to. If you didnt make the updates, or if you still have access to the above info, you can cancel the updates."

    I tried cancelling, and nothing gets sent to my email to verify even that change.

    AND WINDOWS WILL NOT SYNC ANYTHING UNTIL VERIFIED OR DEC 20, 2013, thats a month from now!!!!!!!!

    AM I JUST GOING CRAZY OR WHAT!?!?!?!? This all started with this god damn wifi mouse server and there trickory to install conduit search, even though I SPECIFICALLY DECLINED IT!
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    Try going to settings in Chrome then extensions and delete conduit there. I think you can also reset Chrome in the settings now. Also run AdwCleaner AdwCleaner Download I've found it best for ridding a machine of the conduit scourge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberSAR View Post
    Try going to settings in Chrome then extensions and delete conduit there. I think you can also reset Chrome in the settings now. Also run AdwCleaner AdwCleaner Download I've found it best for ridding a machine of the conduit scourge.
    Tried that before, its not in the extensions. Its not in my Control Panel Program uninstall option either.
    Tried malware bytes, and it didnt find anything. i just did a reformat and reinstall of windows.
    gonna give adwcleaner a try right now. but i think it has something to do now with my chrome account or my account for windows logon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wullail View Post
    Going to link right now, gonna read it and try it. Ill let ya know when Im done reading it and trying it, thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wullail View Post
    Step 3 > Run System Optimization and maintenance program Cloud System Booster to clean junk files, registry entries added by conduit search toolbar.

    Please follow every steps of the removal guide to completely get rid of conduit search toolbar adware. You may still experience the redirect problem if you ignore one of the steps. For detail information, please check below. Should you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.

    The 'get rid of conduit search toolbar adware.' link in the article did the trick!!!!!! (STEP 2 to be exact..... because step 1, 3 and 4 I did before)

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH Wullail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Conduit Search Virus on Windows Logon email account
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