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Unwanted intrusions appearing. Help please!

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    Unwanted intrusions appearing. Help please!

    Just got round to replacing kit with bright shiny Dell XPS under Win8, so please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place or has been resolved here before.

    I downloaded a printscreen app used before, from Cnet and, no doubt due to my incompetence, have also finished up with unwanted and persistent ads from It diverts from the display normally given when I hit the Internet Explorer button. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T CLICK ON IT.

    Have uninstalled the prog through all apps, but it keeps coming back. Have also tried blocking cookies, etc. An Uninstall button is shown on the screen but I'm nervous about hitting that. Googling only reveals suggestions for installing other progs (more ads?) - which I ain't gonna do.

    Your thoughts would be welcomed please.

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    If I remember correctly sweetpacks is added as a browser extension/addon. Disable and delete the addon. Run malwarebytes and adwcleaner and you should be good to go. I quit using cnet years ago when they started packaging everything in their installer.
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    Two things "Norton Internet Security" the other is "malware bytes", What you have here is some Malware running on your computer. What ever security you were running is either in sufficient or you over rode the warning? I run both of these program. I think a full scan with both or either should rid your computer of the virus/malware. If not a clean install will be required.
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    Thanks, guys. But a noddy question. How would I disable and delete the addon, please? Will certainly try malwarebytes as suggested.

    I had always used Kaspersky IS in the past, as we do on the laptop, but this desktop came bundled with MacAfee, which hasn't picked it up. Hmmm.
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    In IE Click tools > Manage Addons > Click Each item on the left under Toolbars and Extensions The installed extensions will show up on the right and you'll have the option to disable and delete.

    On the machines I have cleaned up with the sweetpacks stuff it usually installs other garbage too like White cloud and some others which escape me. Many are listed in your add/remove programs. I usually uninstall everything then disable the extensions in all of the browers then run malwarebytes and adwcleaner. Haven't had any issues getting the garbage out.

    Seems most of the machines have free games installed and I suspect that's what it is coming in with.
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    Pleased to report that, as suggested, running a full scan on malwarebytes appears to have got rid of the irritation. Thanks again.
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Unwanted intrusions appearing. Help please!
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