I have one (and soon to be several) shipping computers with Windows 8 Enterprise x64 and the latest version of Worldship installed.

The program updates itself periodically and needs admin rights to apply the update.

Under Windows 7, we could disable UAC but not give the user admin rights and the updates would install.

Under Windows 8, I have set UAC to Never Notify however they still get the admin credentials prompt for the update.

How can I configure UAC so that Metro apps continue to work (i.e. I know I can turn UAC off fully but that disables Metro) but the Worldship updates run without giving the user admin rights?

Thanks in advance.

ps - Yes I talked to Worldship support, beyond the Windows 7 settings they gave me (which don't work) they said it wasn't something they could help with even though this is a supported configuration. I'm going to escalate it with them tomorrow, I was just hoping someone here may have some suggestions.