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Do I Need to Stop Using Microsoft Security Essentials?

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    Do I Need to Stop Using Microsoft Security Essentials?

    Recently statements were made by a Microsoft spokesperson that some interpreted as implying that Microsoft was giving up on Microsoft Security Essentials. I went to the source and asked for clarification.
    Do I Need to Stop Using Microsoft Security Essentials? ? Ask Leo!

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    I'm still using it until I find a suitable replacement. I also use MalwareBytes Pro and CCleaner Pro on my home PC's.
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    I'm still using it at home, we had Trend at work and just moved over to System Center EndPoint Protection 2012 which is essentially the corporate version of MSE. We used to get stuff with Trend on occasion, likely will get some stuff with them as well at some point. If there was a piece of infallible software, that is what we would all be using. But alas, there is no 1 solution that works perfect.
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    I love this quote for Leo's article. It is so true about a lot of stuff posted on the internet.

    As it turns out, the majority of the “journalism” on the topic over the past couple of weeks has simply been repeating a single source of information. Worse, the repetition included not only a couple of quotes without full context from a Microsoft spokesperson and also additional speculation by the author of that original piece. As the story was repeated, even more speculation was added and assumptions were made.

    The result was quite the kerfuffle.

    Now, I don’t call myself a “journalist” – I’m just a geek with a voice on the web trying to help people use their computers. But even I know that just repeating and embellishing what others are saying about what others are saying isn’t the right way to approach something like this.
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    I still continue to use MSE on my various machines. It did the job for me before the news articles appeared and I will continue to use it until I determine that it no longer does the job i need it to do.
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    I've read several articles over the last few weeks and was worried that I'd have to go through the process of finding a suitable alternative. Every time I try an alternative it always ends up with me tearing my hair out as some piece of software that I use gets disabled or blocked, and I have to track down the problem through multiple pages of options and settings just to get the darn thing to run. And then on top of that I notice a hit in performance.

    I gave up with all the alternatives, MSE has been a such a blessing. I think I'll keep using it until the time when it either doesn't work or starts to cause problems.
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    I'm using ZoneAlarm Antivírus & Firewall 2013 on all my desks, but I still have MSE on the mobiles.
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    I and all my clients on windows 7 are sticking with MSE
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    I'm sticking with MSE until I have to change because there are no reasonable alternatives to it that I have found and tested to be effective...
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Do I Need to Stop Using Microsoft Security Essentials?
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