Hi, just bought a new laptop, upgraded to W8-pro and tried to get bitlocker to work unsuccessfully.
There is no TPM chip so I followed the instructions to enable additional authentification, set a password and rebooted as required. On restart, item 16 on the instructions (BitLocker - Turn On or Off for OS Drive in Windows 8) does not happen, instead I get the error message in item 17 - "Bitlocker could not be enabled etc".

The instructions rather unhelpfully say "If the BitLocker system check failed from step 15 above, then you will see this below. Click/tap on Close. You are now finished since BitLocker was unable to encrypt the Windows 8 OS drive." Unfortunately, it doesn't explain why it has failed. Can anybody help - I've saved the recovery key to a memory stick and left that in the usb port at reboot but that made no difference.

Any help much appreciated.