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Microsoft Admits MSE is Just Basic Protection

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    Microsoft Admits MSE is Just Basic Protection

    Per this article:

    Microsoft has aggressively promoted Security Essentials until not a long time ago, saying that it provides at least similar protection as any other anti-virus product, including rival software from Kaspersky, ESET, Symantec, or Bitdefender.

    Holly Stewart, senior program manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, admitted in an interview with Dennis Technology Labs, a company that performs anti-virus tests on a regular basis, that Security Essentials is indeed designed to remain “at the bottom” of all rankings, so users should really install third-party protection.

    The surprising statements are actually supposed to show that Microsoft is trying to work with partners and security companies across the world as much as possible, with Security Essentials holding a key role in this collaboration.

    The tech giant is keeping Security Essentials fully updated in order to provide the protection users need, so any other piece of software that achieves better results than this one is clearly capable of providing advanced security features.

    "We had an epiphany a few years ago, back in 2011, where we realised we had a greater calling and that was to protect all Microsoft customers," Steward was quoted as saying by PC Pro. "But you can’t do that with a monoculture and you can’t do that with a malware-catching ecosystem that is not robust and diverse."

    The Microsoft rep admitted, however, that Redmond previously invested a lot of money trying to make Security Essentials achieve better results in all these anti-virus tests.

    "We used to have part of our team directed towards predicting test results and figuring out what might be in someone’s test. There’s always a cost to that," she said. "If they are doing that work they are not looking at those threats that are affecting our customers. We always felt that was wrong. There’s something not right about that – we’re not doing the best job for our customers."

    Now it all comes down to the collaboration with partners that are supposed to provide better protection, even though Security Essentials doesn’t score well in anti-virus tests.

    "We’re providing all of that data and information to our partners so they can do at least as well as we are," Stewart said. "The natural progression is that we will always be on the bottom of these tests. And honestly, if we are doing our job correctly, that’s what will happen."

    Is this a way to explain Security Essentials’ recent poor performance in anti-virus tests? Maybe, but it’s pretty clear that Microsoft isn’t yet ready to develop a full-featured security product, so third-parties seem to remain your only choice for an unbreakable computer.
    Microsoft Admits That Security Essentials Is Just a Basic Anti-Virus Product

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    I am vindicated than, Ha Ha. Been saying that all along, it's only a "better than nothing" alternative.
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    MSE serves a purpose - for those users who are not computer literate and don't feel the need to be - like my wife. At least it catches some of the bad stuff without the user being confused by decisions. I am glad it is available, it's saved my pc several times over the years.
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    MS have gone back to their original description, "basic protection" is what they said at the beginning.

    I haven't been using it.
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    As an example when the exploit against IE came out last week, Norton updated one of their features to block it. They use a multitude of features to stop the bad guys that MSE doesn't have.

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    Back to Avast again One thing I did notice with MSE was that it was rubbish in detecting Malware i.e your pups and toolbar thingies that take over your system such that you get with downloads from CNET these days.
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    Installed AVAST 2014 RC1 (9.0.2003), working fine with Win8.1.
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    I read the article a little bit differently. I think there are two key points which have implications that need to be fully understood.

    1. Microsoft is giving away all their knowledge of legitimate virus threats to the competition.

    2. Microsoft is focusing their efforts on responding to real viruses in the wild, instead of spending a lot of time and money trying to predict how virus software will be tested by professional anti virus testing companies (like the one in the article).

    What are the implications? Microsoft will not be able to beat the competition by keeping information they know about secret. The consumer however will benefit as external AV companies will not have a weak product. And MS will not be embarrassed by attacks on their software due to weak external AV software.

    If external companies take the MS info gratis, and then spend their time/$$ predicting how their software will be tested, they of course will come out of any simulated testing program on top.

    Does this mean the MS AV software is bad? I don't think so. I want software to protect me against real viruses, not ones that in effect are created to make the AV software look good. The AV software companies and the AV software testing companies have a bit of a self dealing game going on...

    Just my thoughts
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    A virus is a virus, no matter who and why created it. If my AV detects it and can deal with it is the only reason I use it. Can't realy take chance that something detected is "real" one or something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron AKA View Post
    I want software to protect me against real viruses, not ones that in effect are created to make the AV software look good. The AV software companies and the AV software testing companies have a bit of a self dealing game going on...
    From what I have seen at AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives they don't create viruses but use what is found in the wild and try and use a wide selection to fairly test AV systems. So to say it is "rigged" is just BS.

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Microsoft Admits MSE is Just Basic Protection
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