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Crypto Locker ransomware

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    Crypto Locker ransomware

    I heard reports of a new piece of malware that is going around. This one is particularly nasty, It Encrypts all of the data on your drive and mapped network drives with a RSA 256 bit AES key. Once encrypted there is no way to decrypted. The only way to get the files back is from an off site backup (because if the backup drive is local it also gets encrypted) or to actually pay them the money in which they apparently decrypt your data.

    Click image for larger version

    Crypto Locker - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs

    Play it smart ... make regular backups of your system!!!

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    You did not mention how this thing is being distributed? If you have to pay them money, could the police not track who gets that money and take some action?

    Time to get the out old HDD and clone drive C: again.
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    Thanks for the warning/ reminder to backup.

    I finished backing up my PC last night so hopefully I'm a little more protected.
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    I've read about this one and it seems to rely upon "social engineering" and wants you to open an attachment in an email, masquerading as a notification for the postal service about a package. I have not seen this one "in person" yet, but expect to soon...
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Crypto Locker ransomware
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