I have become increasingly leery of games and the malware…I mean DRM/anti-cheating applications they like to install. I have read that software such as GameGuard installs itself like a rootkit and is essentially a keylogger on your machine. This may or may not be true, but I still do not trust these companies.

I currently have a Samsung 830 256GB SSD and a 1TB WD Black HDD. I have split each drive essentially in half. On the SSD I have installed and fully patched Windows 8 Pro x64. On the second half I have left unallocated, but will be installing Windows 7 Pro x64 (msdn subscription). I also split my data drive in half.

I will be removing drive letters using Disk Management from each of the OS/Data partitions so each OS will only “see” its boot partition on the SSD and its data partition on the HDD. On the Windows 8 machine I will only install VMware Player, Adobe products, 7-zip, and Norton Internet Security. The Windows 7 machine will be my gaming machine where I will happily install all of my games, potentially shady mods, etc. I am thinking of using something like the following:

SSD (The first 3 partitions are created by default during Windows 8 installation)
Partition 1 – 300mb Recovery Partition
Partition 2 – 100mb System Partition
Partition 3 – 128mb MSR Partition
Partition 4 – 100gb Windows 8 (BitLocker)
Partition 5 – 140gb Windows 7 (Unencrypted)

Partition 1 – 128mb MSR Partition
Partition 2 – 475gb Gaming (Unencrypted)
Partition 3 – 475gb Storage (TrueCrypt)

Basically, I want Windows 8 with Storage to be its own computer and Windows 7 with Gaming to be its own computer. I don’t need Windows 7 or the Gaming partition to be encrypted because they are meant to have potentially risky software installed, but I do not want them to even know that Windows 8 / Storage exist.

If I want to transfer any data between Gaming and Storage (I don’t keep any important files on the boot partitions) I can use an Ubuntu Live Disk, install TrueCrypt, and mount Storage to then transmit any files between partitions.

Does this idea seem like it would satisfy what I want it to do? How susceptible are the extra partitions to malware (MSR, system, and recovery)? Since those are unencrypted I would imagine malware could potentially infect those?