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Your opinion on email security (outlook.exe)

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    Your opinion on email security (outlook.exe)

    One thing always disappointed me about local email software applications.

    And that's the password storage.

    The password is stored locally on your machine.

    So, I'm sure there are password stealers that will sniff out stored email passwords.

    That seems to be a huge vulnerability in my opinion.

    I was curious if anyone could offer their opinion on local email password storage and how much of a vulnerability it is?

    Do you think accessing email via browser client is better? Especially if accessed via secure password storage like roboform or lastpass?

    I'd love to have a discussion on this.

    PS: Also, locally stored passwords like for Skydrive, Google Docs, Dropbox, they all seem VERY vulnerable to me.

    Let's discuss!

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    They're not stored in plain text (usually; they're not supposed to be) so you're generally safe. Accessing via a web browser is no better because it stores your password the same way as the local client.
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    If you use then your password is not stored locally, so it's a tad better.

    Plus, don't you think that some password stealers will be able to decrypt however the password is stored in Outlook?

    It just seems like ultimately it's less secure.

    Not arguing, just starting some dialogue.

    PS: What brought this about is actually an article I saw on the news saying how many email accounts are stolen.

    Had me thinking about what's THE "safest" way to read/check email, period.

    Food for thought
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    Best place to store passwords
    Go to a Stoe like staple and purchase a small notebook pad and put them in their
    Then put it in a draw where u remember where it is 😀
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    If you're worried about security, use 2 step verification. I use my hotmail and gmail on conjunction, since Gmail has the 10 passwords you can write out in case you don't have access to your phone, I connect my hotmail to it so it can either verify with my phone or gmail account. If you're worried about someone locally stealing your password; to be completely honest there is nothing you can do. You can encrypt your HDD with TrueCrypt, but it will slow it down a bit and in the event your disk ever gets corrupted it won't be as easy as just plugging it into another computer and using disk recovery software, or retrieve stuff from a corrupt OS. You could add a BIOS password, but they could just take out the CMOD battery from your motherboard. If you're worried about someone infecting you, get a decent firewall. Either way, once your infected they can just log your keystrokes anyway.
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Your opinion on email security (outlook.exe)
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