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Will they get away with Defender?

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    In W7 I always had Norton AV resident and MSE as standalone for backup/redundancy/paranoia. I have never had distinguishable problems with Norton AV and they just had a deal to upgrade to Norton Internet Security for cheaper than a renewal which was coming do! Now I know many people firmly disagree with this choice and have experienced problems, please this question is not to debate my choice.
    It seems that NIS has disabled Windows Defender, I've read here that Windows Defender is more powerful than MSE. I would like to get Windows Defender running standalone for the backup/redundancy/paranoia check in Windows 8. NIS seems to have turned it off and I can't figure how to turn it back on again, plus stop it's running resident! Anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this, or should I just download the latest MSE and use it as I do on my W7 machine? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by 56kevins View Post
    I always used MSE in windows 7 with no problems. Windows Defender in w8, is identical to MSE as far as I can tell so I'll just carry on using it. I can't see the point in installing another anti virus.
    Kevins, I'm not sure of this, but I get the impression that these AV companies loaded up the Win 8 Preview, put their best Win 7 products on, fired a bunch of viruses at it, and saw that their Win 7 products work. So far, no one has invented a Win 8 virus, and I feel that Defender will be the best line of defense when they do.
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    Exploits are generally not limited to one operating system or another. For example, if someone finds a 0-day (that means brand new) exploit against one of the Windows services, they generally work across all of the MS operating systems. In turn, when Microsoft learns about this new 0-day exploit either from the person or group that "invented" it or from it being used in the wild, they then have to patch all of the operating systems.

    Then there are programs like Firefox for example, that are used across all operating systems. If there is an exploit found in it, that too would work on any OS.

    So there is nothing new or special about Windows 8 being Windows 8 as far as being secure goes.

    If a group or person is specifically targeting Windows 8 for some reason, the first thing they are going to check is if the exploit delievery mechanism (trojan, virus etc...) is found or not by Windows Defender.
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Will they get away with Defender?
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