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File Structure and new security

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    win 8

    File Structure and new security

    Win 8 has some radical new security on the file system.

    When I install a new OS on a Laptop I have a set of files that include my normal programs and thier data that is about 12GB that I use on a new computer..

    Its too big for a disc and USB is slow from a memory stick.

    I use Toshiba Tecra laptops and the hard drive is made to be quickly and easily removed.

    I do my OS install. Then I pull the drive and place it in a hot swap enclosure on my main computer and drop all my needed files on it. I then put the hard disc back into the laptop..

    I did the same thing with my windows 8 install.

    Several surprizes occured..

    When I put the laptop disc into my win 7 hot swap bay win 7 said the disc appeared corrupt and wanted to fix it. I said no.. Next it said my trash file was corrupted and needed to be deleted. I said no..

    I could see the contents of the disc. So I copied the directory including the files I needed over to the drive. They copied without error and showed on the drive..

    I pulled the drive and popped it back in the win 8 laptop.

    NO FILES.. What I copied was missing..

    I went and did it again to be sure and yeap nothing. Win 8 could need see files I placed there using win 7 from another computer by copying directly to the disc..

    Next I formatted a left over partition on the drive with NTFS from windows 8. I pulled the drive and placed it into the win 7 computer... I copied files.. This time I couild see the files I copied on the win 8 machine.. HOWEVER they had all sorts of permissions and restrictions imposed on them that made them unusable and blocked.

    It would even set the read only flag all by itself on a file if it accessed it and apperetly did not have the right permissions. It had some defense..

    After ALOT of permission changes and reownership of files I got the program to run.

    I could not however get my data to work with install programs. Even after owning the entire directories and files and changing permissions on everything to allow "everyone" access.

    I gave up.. Clearly win 8 has some new protection that if it finds files it did not place on its hard drive it flags them and will not trust them in any way.

    I then installed Teamviewer and used filetransfer and pulled over the 12GB directory and everything worked without any changes to permissions at all..

    CLEARLY win 8 has some serious security changes in its file structure. If the OS did not place the file on the disc itself forget it..

    BTW I even formatted a partition on the win 8 drive using the win 7 computer and win 8 still refused to run or access the files.

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    This is not an answer to your specific queries, however it has been found that to completely disable UAC, you need to do the following:

    Be an admin user

    Turn off UAC (pull the slider all the way to the bottom).

    Open regedit and Locate this key:


    In the right pane change EnableLUA to 0. Close regedit.
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    win 8

    So your saying that in Win 8 its kinda like UAC has taken on new roles in file security ?

    I had already lowered UAC to zero but had not done the reg edit to disable it.

    I cant find anywhere anyone who has discussed these additional file security measures. Clearly there are more permissions and controls on files now and I cant find any info on this.
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    I feel the same, W8 security is tight especially installing third party AV software. I have problems installing AVG Internet Security.
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    The Developer Preview is locked down lol. Trying to change security and permission on the C:\ and getting access denied everywhere grrrr!
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File Structure and new security
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