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Which Anti Virus Should I Use To Protect Windows 8 ?

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    I use avast free, malwarebytes anti-malware, and spybot search and destroy.

    You may wonder why so many programs, they do different things very well.

    Consider them as experts in their fields, whereas a single anti-everything as a handyman doing multiple jobs.

    Some anti-everything do pretty well. Like the verizon internet protetction. Since my friend installed that suite, Ive not had to go back to her computer for virus or malware removal..

    If you have to go through the rough neighborhoods of the internet then you should ADD Malwarebytes antimalware..

    It prevents you from even entering a known bad website. It also monitors port traffic, for malware that try to sneak in through messengers, file sharing programs, and such.. Youll see it at work in the system tray when it blocks an attempted infiltration, and displays the ip address of the offending website.

    Spybot search and destroy is a use as needed program. Do a weekly or bi-monthly scan to remove adware, toolbars, redirectors, all those things that slow your internet down.. I recommend version 1.62 the v 2.0 is a bit heavy for me which runs slow on my old pc..

    Avast and spybot are free and malwarebyes is @ $25.00

    The only cleanup i have to do is toolbar removal because its almost impossible to download a program without that website adding their installer to it adding a toolbar to your browser. Even though toolbars are not necessarily unsafe, theyre annoying because they change your default search engines and home page..

    Try malwarebytes free, see what it catches..


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    I only go to safe internet sites. I do have MBAM.
    Suites are ok but have too much. I am ok with Defender, aka MSE, Win 8 native firewall and MBAM behind the router. I am looking to add some type of virtual protection whether it be a machine or Sandboxie.
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    I just tried out my Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 subscription on Windows 8.1 Preview x64, and it refused to install. A bunch of BS if you ask me. I dont see why it wouldnt be compatible.
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    Well, i'm now looking for a good antivirus too. I tried bitdefender products, but they modify windows 8 settings, and dont let to change it back, like hidden files, show known files types extensions and so on, so bitdefender products are out of question. Now i'm trying kaspersky products, will see how it goes. I started to look for another good antivirus, because microsoft security essentials is not good in catching viruses, that are trying to get inside my computer. And i'm trying better versions of antivirus - "internet security" programs, because they are the same antivirus, + some security for the internet, and 30 day trials are enough to test the products.
    I go only to safe web pages too, but it's not a big deal, most important thing is viruses, trojans, worms and other kind of animals, that are trying to get inside your pc, one of them slipped through mse into my pc, disabled windows security center, disabled mse, and did few other little things, not a big deal actually, but still, it wasnt fun. So now i'm searching for the best antivirus product, with a simple first gen core i3 cpu and old ssd, every antivirus feels like it doesnt exist, so performance is not a problem.
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    Portland, Oregon, USA
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    @ startas: I would honestly recommend Kaspersky, it beats the others by a mile if you ask me. It's a bit aggressive at times, especially when you've just installed it and it is getting used to your habits. But things get easier as it goes along.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narayan View Post
    OK Thank You Very Much,

    But I don't want Free Antivirus because my PC is connected to the internet for the whole day and I need A very powerful AV for my PC which will protect my PC from theft because there are many personal information stored on my PC and many other informations are there. So please can you suggest me a good premium antivirus. No matter whether it hogs system resource.

    I was thinking about the following AntiVirus:-
    => Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security
    => Quick Heal Total Security 2013

    Which one would be better of these?
    I have been using it for years now not the pure but the IS and have never had any issues so far
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    I test AV for a Fortune 5 company... Don't make the mistake of thinking that a free AV must not be as good as a paid AV... I use Microsoft Security Essentials (Win7)/Windows Defender (Win8) at home and they are both excellent. No AV is perfect and I also use MalWareBytes Pro and CCleaner Pro and can highly recommend both of those. I CANNOT recommend any other free or paid AV as I've found serious issues with all of the other AV products I've tested. Many of the so-called "registry cleaners" and "protection programs" are scams and just a way of getting your $ into their pockets...
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    I really found the Paid version of Avast to be a little too overbearing. You will notice weird things like Windows Update will stop updating, and somethings will not download even after you say it's okay. If you want a ROCK solid computer with a few limitations, then this is perfect, but for the rest of us who actually want to use our computers for things, the free version is actually much better!! (wow, I don't think i have ever said that before)
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    I used Kaspersky for about a year and the good thing about Kaspersky is it has an OFF BUTTON!! When you find yourself being limited by your AV you can click it off, accomplish your task, then turn it back on. (quickly mind you)
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    the best answer for windows 8 and 8.1 is actually NONE -- the built in system is quite good enough. (For HOME - not Corporate solutions).

    Also beware of any reports comparing effectiveness of one AV vs another -- these are always written maybe be up to TWO months behind and as you all know a new virus / piece of malware etc can appear at ANY TIME so the statistics you actually read are totally not valid on the date you are reading them.

    Most HOME AV software is a WASTE OF MONEY and totally not needed with Windows 8 / 8.1 -- but it's your money -- so by all means help more Russian software guys to buy Billionaire homes in Central London if you want. (Nothing wrong with a lot of Russian software BTW BUT PAYING FOR STUFF YOU DON'T NEED IMO IS A BIT SILLY). W7 of course has a different security system but I'm referring to W8 / W8.1 here.

    In any case your best protection is actually YOU believe it or not and most computer crime comes from people giving away too much personal data over social media sites and opening email attachments from unknown sources.

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Which Anti Virus Should I Use To Protect Windows 8 ?
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