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    Quote Originally Posted by pappi View Post
    Without having done any changes from setting this 3 day old HP Envy dv7 came with, this is how I surf: I click IE icon which opens my homepage(presumably on 64 bit browser). Then I click W8 Forum site from Favorite folder (in star icon cascade menu) which I presume opens W8 Forum site in 32 bit browser. And then I type a reply to your reply. Before submitting, I click spellcheck. And spellcheck does not work. (I get a notification that I need to download software from third part providers which I am not wont to do in fear of being spywared(which already happened, thanks to CNEt). So...please let me know why I cannot make W8 Forum's spellcheck work. What did I do wrong? (I realize this is no longer a WD topic, I apologize. Should I start a new thread...on this problem with W8 Forum spellcheck?)

    BTW, while typing, all misspelled words are automatically being red-color underlined but I cannot correct them with format's spellcheck. It keeps announcing it works only with 32 bit and I should download software from 3rd party providers. Is it possible spellcheck is already working and I should not do anything before submitting(implying submitted text will be auto-corrected to be typo free?)

    BTW, with Vista IE9, I could tell which browser is operating by just clicking "about IE"...32bit is not specified but 64 bit is. With IE 10, there is no 64 bit specification(I dunno if unspecified "about IE" notification means the browser is 32 bit).

    Sorry about being so not PC skilled. But I am progressing.


    You will not be able to use the spell check feature in our site's post toolbar since you have a 64-bit IE10, even when they are 32-bit tabs in this 64-bit IE10.

    However, you do not need it. Windows 8 itself has spell checker built in. These are the red underlines you see. Sometimes it may autocorrect it for you, other times you will just have to manually correct the ones it underlined.

    The links I posted above can give you more details on all of this to help a bit more if you like.
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    I was hoping downgrading to IE 9 would allow me to use W8 Forum's spellcheck but it does not install. Apparently Windows 8 does not support earlier IE versions?

    Also, I still have the two discs from Vista for factory image recovery installation. Is it possible(and legal)to install it and have dual boots ?
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    If Vista is what you used as a qualifying OS to upgrade to Windows 8 with, then it would be violating the EULA to use it while you have Windows 8 installed.

    If you like, you might give the free program WinSpell a try to see how you like it in IE10.

    WinSpell - Enhanced Spell Check for Windows 8, Internet Explorer and Office Outlook
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    W8 and IE10 came factory installed in this brand new HP Envy dv7.

    The Vista came originally in my old broken Pavilion dv7...and I have both the OEM 2- disc recovery set and the 3-disc version that I made per Vista's instruction.

    (which brings up another question: why didn't W8 instruct new owners to create recovery discs? I just realize I have no recovery discs. I hope I have a functional recoveyr partition(which was not useful in Vista. Dunno why.).

    So....can I(legally) and should I( other words, is it worth it?) install Vista(and have dual OS)?
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    Since it's an OEM Vista, you will not be able to install and activate it on another computer or motherboard since an OEM copy is permanently tied to the motherboard it was first activated on and will not activate on any other computer or motherboard.

    Yep, that's the trend that store bought computers no longer come with recovery discs. Instead, they all come with factory recovery partitions that you can create a set of recovery discs or a recovery USB flash drive as a backup of the recovery partition.

    The link below from HP can help show you how to create one.

    Creating Recovery Discs or Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive (Windows 8) | HP® Support
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  6. #16 I cannot and should not use the Vista recovery 2-disc set. What about the 3-disc set that I created? Is it legal and installable for dual boots in this new Envy dv7?

    BTW I did not buy from any store. I ordered straight from HP. I don't know if it makes any difference.

    Going through Computer, I see three drives one of which is Recovery (D with 3.19 free of 27.1 GB(I did not have this in my old Pavilion with Vista). Is this my factory image recovery partition? If so, do I still need to create recovery discs?

    The link you sent says I am allowed ONLY ONE TIME to create recovery discs. That means I MUST do it right the first time. (I have not read the how-to yet). Can I just copy the 3.19 GB stuffs contained in Recovery(D?

    Thanks Brink for your enormous help...and patience.

    P.S. (why those smiley faces in my post? Who put them there? )
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    Sorry, but you will not be able to use your OEM Vista product key on another computer since it's permanently tied to the motherboard it was first activated on and just will not activate on any other computer or motherboard.

    Nope, you will need to use the method provided by HP in the link I posted above to create a factory recovery USB or DVDs to have it work. It's pretty straight forward, and should be easy to do as long as you follow all of the steps. I'd say give it a good read a few times to get familiar with the steps, and go for it.
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    OK...thanks Brink. But in case I mess it up and fail to create recovery discs, I am hoping Recovery manager can still do factory image installation using the (D drive in the event of fatal crash? I think that's what it's for. I just do not understand why it is allotted so much space(27.1 GB). Does that mean its current used space (3.19 GB) will grow with further PC anything else I download afterwards?

    Wish me luck. I trust that the how-to is really that ABC easy.

    Worst comes to worse, I can always order from HP the OS recovery discs.
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    The factory recovery partition's size should remain as is since you would not want to save anything to it to prevent corrupting it by mistake.

    I hope it goes smoothly for you.
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    Hi Brink, thanks for your vote of confidence and wishing well. Indeed it was easy...even for me.

    Wow....W8 64bit must be huge, twice the Vista Home Premium. It took twice as many 4.7GB-DVD'S(six) and twice as long.
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