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Program keeps requesting confirmation before running.

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    Program keeps requesting confirmation before running.

    I have a rather irritating problem, which I don't recall having on Windows 7.

    Each time I run my backup program (SynchBack SE) I get the following message;

    "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer",

    which I always say 'Yes' to.

    Now, I understand this is a security feature, and I think I can probably inhibit this by changing the User Access Controls (UAC). However, what I really want to do is to confirm this program can run, and not be asked again, whereas I think the UAC is a more global setting. Is there a solution to this that won't mean tweaking the UAC level?

    The reason why I am wary about tweaking the UAC level is because I 'think' this will be system wide, and I don't want to reduce security for all users on my PC.

    Or, maybe I have just got UAC all wrong, I am not clear TBH on all the in's and out's of UAC.

    Any advice or references would be appreciated.


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    Programs that modify files in your PC might require to run as Administrator. Did you try to run as Administrator ?
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    Mmm, I'm running SyncBack 3.2 on Win 8, but can't remember the UAC popping up. Maybe it does but I automatically click through it.

    Anyway, I've not used it myself, however the following Windows 7 tutorials may work (obviously using your SyncBack path instead, EG - "C:\Program Files (x86)\2BrightSparks\SyncBack\SyncBack.exe")
    Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums

    ETA - There is also a SyncBack support page regarding UAC here:
    2BrightSparks Support Area - KnowledgeBase - FAQ: When I run SyncBackSE/Pro on Windows Vista (or later) it always prompts me with "A program needs your permission to continue". Why?
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    Windows 8 Pro

    Thanks for posts so far...

    I use a 3rd party Cron service to do my scheduling, reasons are long-winded, so lets skip over that. The Cron service kicks off a batch file, and this seems to run, but it falls over when I try to start the back up. 'Run As' Administrator would seem to be a good suggestion, but I am struggling with the command line changes to make in my Batch File

    I have this...

    runas /profile /user:MYCOMPUTER\Administrator "C:\Program Files (x86)\2BrightSparks\SyncBackSE\SyncBackSE" -m "BackupProfile"

    My PC is in a work group, not on a domain, and the name is MYCOMPUTER.

    The Batch file seems to reject this as bad usage of RUNAS.

    Any suggestions always gratefully recveived.

    Thanks for the help so far.
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Program keeps requesting confirmation before running.
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