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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter2 View Post
    I am considering using this as my firewall instead of the Win 8 one.
    Does anyone have experience with it for a slightly above average user?
    Thank you
    I used to think about which firewall to use. After a lot of experimentation, I decided that 3rd-party firewalls didn't do me much good because I didn't have to worry much about outbound traffic. I also found the Windows firewall to be darned hard to configure in dealing with outbound (haven't tried in Win8--probably improved though). On the other hand, I concluded that the Windows firewall is pretty much as good as any when it comes to inbound traffic. So, for quite awhile, I have used the Windows firewall--for inbound only. Still not worrying about outbound. I looked around a bit for current firewall reviews, but didn't find much. This read deals with the Win7 version of Windows firewall. It sums up my feelings. Here are it's conclusions.

    "If you’re looking for a firewall that keeps your computer safe from inbound traffic and lets you control which applications function as servers with little fuss, the Windows 7 firewall is an easy-to-use option that’s already on your computer.
    If you want to control which applications can access the Internet and use other advanced options, you’ll be better off with a third-party firewall. Third-party firewalls present advanced options in easy-to-understand interfaces."

    I will add one more thought. The 3rd-party firewalls I have used got in the way tooooooo much. The Windows firewall does not bug me "all the time."

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    Win 8 native firewall

    I did not realize that I had the best firewall for me right under my nose. It does monitor two way traffic much to my surprise.
    I got an email from a skilled tech who told me to set it to default then block all inbound traffic. After that just sit back and let it do its thing. I spent a lot of time looking around and found a lot of hidden faults with third party ones. My source is very reliable and has put my mind at ease. I can refer you to him if you wish.
    Thank you for the information.
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    Thanks, but I am happy the way it is.
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    Comoodo Firewall Is Excellent Choice.

    I am running Comodo Firewall 6. But i will say that you if you have Firefox problems from it you may want to wait until the next release.They have fixed the problem but patience is all i can suggest. Although it took being hacked and studying firewalls to find Comodo.
    I found the Matousec tests and will always use Comodo for my firewall from now on.

    Results and comments -

    I run avast antivirus and comodo firewall

    I disabled my windows firewall service, and disabled my windows defender service.
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    Yeah, I never really got on with Windows Firewall, as it wasn't particularly user friendly. I had a quick play with it, but as I was used to Comodo, it didn't take long to decide to stick with Comodo.

    I just preferred the way Comodo works and application rules are laid out quite nicely. I also find it easy to work with even though I've got it set up a bit more stringently than the average user probably would. I can easily create network zones with multiple IP address ranges and also port sets, which means if I want to modify them, I don't have to do it for every single application rule, I can just do it in one place (which takes seconds) and it's applied to all the rules.

    Here's an example of Comodo Outbound Firewall rules (top) and Microsoft Outbound Firewall Rules (bottom). Comodo is much easier to work with.


    Click image for larger version


    Click image for larger version
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    I think Comodo is the hands down winner. I too read about it at Gizmo's site and Matousec's findings. I think it is for the more highly advanced as I wish I were. I would then use it. I am relegated to Defender with Win 8 firewall behind my router. I hope it is enough and I am glad you all have what keeps you secure. I think Windows should make its products clearer to its readers. Had I known what my friend told me about the firewall, I would have set it right the first time and saved a lot of time and frustration. It was a learning experience, however.
    For me to get a Trojan caught in Defender means that the previous firewall setting failed as did the router but defender did its job allowing me to remove it. The router baffles me as the passwords and key are strong , it has AES, and uses WPA 2 -PTSK.
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