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Best antivirus / firewall / antispyware

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    Windows 8 Pro 64

    I use Vipre Antivirus and MBAM....No issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allison View Post
    Mine only takes forty minutes.
    40 mins? Do you have a 20GB hard drive?
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    I am Woman! Hear Me Roar!
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    4 Windows 7 Pro Sp1- 4 Win 8 Pro, 1- xp pro sp3

    Or nothing on the computer. Lol
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    No, it's just dependent on a lot of things such as processor speed and I run my full scan when I'm not using my computer. My hard drive might not be a third full but it's still 633 GB free of 910 GB.
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    Texas, USA
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    You can try Panda AV...
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    Beyond AV... to stay saf(er)


    1. Ensure router firmware is up to date
    3. Disable PING, disable web access from WAN
    4. Change router admin username & password
    5. Implement wireless LAN WPA2 encryption
    6. Ensure router firewall is ON

    PC / laptop

    1. Don't use admin account for everyday use. Password protect all accounts.
    2. Ensure a firewall is ON (Windows or 3rd party)
    3. Install a good AV (personally I use Bitdefender...)
    4. Don't browse to dodgy websites
    5. Disable Java
    6. Consider putting noscript & adblocker plugins into place for your browser (Firefox is a good choice)
    7. Scan weekly
    8. Don't click on links in emails (especially from unknown senders)
    9. Ensure updates are applied (Windows Update, Adobe etc)
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    Nice one, I would also add 10. Change DNS Addressing - How to Change in Windows

    Alternative DNS blocks malware/phishing webpages and even porno/adult content.
    Like OpenDNS/FamilyShield, NortonDNS, YandexDNS, GoogleDNS and many others.
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    Windows 8.1 (x64)

    Nice points JP56.

    If you want a safer PC, (less malware) you have to understand any AV is only a part of your security, and sadly despite all the marketing hype, it is the less effective one. Good to have, but really not that great if you rely only on it.

    So you must think in terms of layers of security.

    Limit the possible damage of malware

    * Use a Standard Account/UAC on high
    * Separate the OS from vulnerable or possibly malicious applications : Sandboxie, Virtualization (VirtualBox)

    Detect and block malicious software

    * AV on real-time protection : Windows Defender
    * Use online AV when installing new software : VirusTotal, Jotti
    * Use Anti-Executables that only allow what's already installed on your PC and block the rest : Parental Controls, Applocker, Software Restriction Policies
    * Make sure any newly installed software is authentic : Digital Signatures, Google for its hashes

    Make your PC less susceptible to vulnerabilities

    * Frequent update of the OS and all 3rd party applications : Secunia, Windows Automatic Updates
    * Use tools to counter exploits not patched yet : EMET
    * Disable/Uninstall any application/feature which is often targeted by exploits if you don't need it : Java, Plugins, Adobe Reader, Macros in Office documents, etc...

    Reduce the downtime in case something happens

    * Learn to use the built-in tools : Restore Points, Refresh, etc...
    * Use a 3rd party disk image application and back up on an external drive : Macrium Reflect Free, Paragon Backup and Recovery, etc...
    * Separate your Data from the OS/Programs by the use of partitions.

    As you see AV is only a small part of what's possible, and I limited myself to what's relatively easy to do with only free or built-in apps.
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    windows 8.1

    McAfee & Malwarebytes both paid versions,Maybe Hitman Pro.
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    Win 8.1 Update x64

    JP56, TairikuOkami & oneeyed have given almost all the points that is necessary to be taken care of for perfect security for a home user, this thread has to be bookmarked
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Best antivirus / firewall / antispyware
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