Thanks for taking the time to reply Cluberti. My situation is that I have some legacy programs I've used for several years under XP so I trust them not to damage my OS. I could purchase updated versions but would like to avoid this because I'm used to the version I have, plus I'm retired so expense is an issue.

I have used the Win7 scheduled program trick to avoid having to provide UAC approval each time I run one of these legacy programs and this works well. But I have to look up the directions and plug through them each time I add a legacy program to ensure I get things right, so it takes a while.

I'm unsure whether I've missed a facility built into Win8 to simplify having it remember that it's OK to run designated ill behaved programs. Or, if this isn't provided, are either of the programs I mentioned above reasonable ways to simplify accomplishing this? Is there a better way than any I've found?