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How Do I Rid My PC of This Adware?

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    How Do I Rid My PC of This Adware?

    No matter how much I scan my PC or utilize the Quarantine feature, this adware remains present on my system. Windows Defender claims to rid my system of the adware but then it pops right back up 30 minutes later. Why is this?
    Should use additional virus protection or should Windows Defender alone suffice? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    try to del all the ie temp files,but don't forget keep your cookies
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    Do as stated by zzmaixz.

    Just follow the file as stated in MSE. Also while you are in there delete all other files (they are not needed that is why they are in a temp folder).

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    Remove temp files will not get rid of this. Usually the adware creates Java Script on the fly and that's why Windows Defender keeps detecting it and deleting it.

    If you are using IE, On the right hand side of the Title Bar, click on the Wheel Icon and select Manage Add-on and look under Toolbar and extensions. If anything looks unfamiliar such as Unknown or unfamiliar Toolbars, just disable it.

    If you are using Firefox, from the menu, Click on Tools->Add-on, it will list all the Add-ons installed in Firefox, Just uninstall anything looks unfamiliar.

    Since I don't use Google Chrome and don't have it installed in my PC but I know there's an option to remove the extension.

    For IE, The extension is still in your PC, you just disable it. In order to remove it completely from your PC, you need to download Autoruns for Windows and run it as admin, click on internet explorer tab, you'll see the extension there, right click on it and select go to folder and physically delete the file.

    EDIT: if you did not find anything in the above suggestion, the next place to look is Control Panel->Programs and Features, go thru the list, you might find it there and uninstall it.

    Hope this helps
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    If not attempted already try downloading and running Malawarebytes
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    Like a lot of malware, the only way to truly defeat it is to not be running Windows when trying to clean it. Microsoft provides a free way to do this via the Windows Defender Offline utility, but there are others if you want to try different engines. It sounds as if the malware it's catching is more an indication of another problem it isn't, so I would strongly recommend scanning the machine offline to verify that it's not infected with something nasty.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I tried running Windows Defender Offline and there were no red flags that the software picked up.
    I also tried deleting temp internet files from both IE and Chrome but the problem still exists.
    I will give the Malawarebytes software a try and see what happens.
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    You are better using another a/v.

    Windows version doesn't do well in comparative tests.

    Most people won't notice as they don't often come across nasties.
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    Microsoft's response to those tests seems somewhat damning as to their efficacy in actually testing real-world scenarios:
    Key lessons learned from the latest test results - Microsoft Malware Protection Center - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

    I'm not saying the tests weren't valid, as they are indeed, but it bears noting that while Microsoft's engine doesn't do as well as the others in very (very) edge cases, in real-world scenarios it should be as safe or safer as any of the others. While the tests are accurate for what they test, they don't actually test much of what a normal user would actually do. So, the test results might be very useful to you, or not at all. It depends on what you plan on doing with your machine .
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    I installed AVG Anti-Virus 2013 and it found 20 potential threats and removed them. I have yet to see the Ad-ware error pop up since.
    Thanks for the help guys.
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How Do I Rid My PC of This Adware?
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