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Windows Defender where are the Scan Results?

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    Windows Defender where are the Scan Results?

    I've been using a clean install of W8 Pro for a couple of weeks now and while I have installed some of my usual programs I have not yet installed any standalone AV, firewall, or other "Security" programs. Late last night I decided to try a full scan for the first time, left it running and went to bed. The scanned "file count" was increasing rapidly as one might expect and while the green "progress bar" was filling it was happening quite slowly (I didn't watch long enough to see if there ever was any indicator showing "% completed" or "% remaining "...)

    This morning there was absolutely NOTHING on the screen, no messages, no alerts, no "results" or "problems found" or even any indication that the scan itself ever completed...? (I still pretty much use the "desktop" with the bottom taskbar for now and haven't done much playing with Metro Tiles yet ). When I open Defender I cannot find any "scan history" records either...I understand that Windows strives to maintain itself "automatically" for the majority of users that never care to even know what really goes on behind the scenes, but I relish getting into the cybernetic "nuts and bolts" of it and if not having way more control of things, at least knowing what's going on (or "what happened")

    Surely there must be a way to make it all more transparent..?

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    Hello Philip,

    The Windows Defender scan results log files in the folders below are encrypted and cannot be viewed.

    "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Results\Quick"

    "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Results\Resource"

    However, you can view Windows Defender "Operational" events in Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) under Applications and Services Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Windows Defender.

    Hope this helps,
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    Quote Originally Posted by philippo View Post
    if not having way more control of things, at least knowing what's going on (or "what happened")
    Obviously, you are able to see when it last ran by opening Windows Defender and looking at the last scan details on the bottom left. If it detected something, it would alert you and also log it in the 'History' section.

    If you want to see more detailed logs, you can view them in Event Viewer > Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > Windows Defender > Operational

    It will show as 'information' for when it has ran, etc. If it has detected malware, etc. it will show as 'Warning' with a yellow warning sign and details of process, severity, etc. If it's stopped before completion it will also show under a yellow warning sign.

    Edit: Brink beat me to it.
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Windows Defender where are the Scan Results?
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