i have a problem with it since several days ago.
before u read it, please notice that i'm indonesian.
sorry for my bad english.

so, my problem is about UAC.
i know so many posts in this forum about this.
i have some school project with photoshop for making collage and montage.
so i need drag n drop feature on photoshop to help me doing this quickly,
this project makes me imported hundreds of pictures to this app one by one.
using file - open in photoshop to imports those pictures one by one makes me crazy.

the problem is when i disabled UAC completely by changing enableLUA to 0, i cant run any metro apps which is pdf reader, maps, etc.
if i did this, i can run my photoshop without administrator, so drag and drop feature will works.
if i changed enableLUA back to 1, all metro apps works but i must run photoshop in administrator mode.
coz my photoshop won't open without administrator privileges, it always say "you are not allowed to write to the registry"
it makes me cant drop any files from explorer to this app.

i think maybe its because explorer.exe executed without administrator privileges, so i cant drop anything from explorer to any apps that requires administrator privileges.
then i tried to end explorer task manualy by task manager, and executed it as administrator.
but again, i cant access any metro apps with this.
it says "app cant open if file explorer is running with administrator privileges"

i'm stuck.
can anybody help me?
the point is: i want to drag and drop to photoshop without sacrificing my metro apps, no matter how.
again, sorry for my bad english.
hope u all understand.

photoshop portable cs5
windows 8 enterprise x64