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Still Can't Get Windows Defenders Turned On

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    After uninstalling Norton (HP preinstalled) I get the message automatically to enable Windows Defender. And it works fine.

    Then one of their Norton "APPS" still has to be uninstalled + some weird left-overs (some exe that was manually deleted by me) in Program Files (in x86 I guess).

    So if you cannot enable it anymore, then something else must have stopped it pretty badly (I don't blame Norton) and that doesn't look normal.

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    first, the old windows defender is not the same as the New Windows Defender in windows 8. The old one was NOT an antivirus program, it was just an antimalware program. The new WD is antivirus and antimalware with an extra part when you boot up the computer it is monitoring you for rootkits and other viruses that come on prior to windows loading. Micrososft made this WD special and since it seems most other antivirus programs are having a bit of a problem with 8, whynot use Micrososft's built in one. If you are anal like myself all you need to do is add another antispyware into the mix like Malwarebytes which you can purchase and run in realtime and as long as you do not have them scan at the same time they actually complement each other.
    WD will turn off if there is another antivirus program on your computer, trial or non trial.
    You much uninstall the other antivirus program through Programs and Features and once you reboot WD should turn itself on again.
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    ...If you are anal like myself all you need to do is add another antispyware into the mix like Malwarebytes which you can purchase and run in realtime and as long as you do not have them scan at the same time they actually complement each other...
    That's exactly what I do. Ive never had a virus, and Malwarebytes Pro has even stopped a few progs from 'phoning-home' without my permission. I used MSE on my Win 7 setup with Malwarebytes the same way, it worked, so I decided to continue using it.

    You are correct in saying not to run them both in scan-mode at once, but they can both be run concurrently in 'Guard' mode, and yes, they do complement each-other. They do not clash in any way.

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    Good info here!
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    My niece brought her new Toshiba laptop to me with a problem. She had Norton & AVG installed on Windows 8 and asked if I could get Windows Defender working. She already removed both trial versions of Norton and AVG, but windows defender will not activate. I checked services and attempted to start it, but it starts and stops immediately. I checked Norton and AVG in Programs and neither exist anymore and the Action Center does list Windows Defender as off and the button seems available to press, but when I press it nothing happens. I attempted to activate WD via the executable in its directory - no joy. It seems to still think there is some other AV program out there.

    Is there anyway to fix this and PLEASE NO ONE SAY "DUH USE AVG/NORTON" or some other AV. Saying that doesn't fix the issue and we prefer WD.

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    So sorry to hear about this hassle, Asweet13. Unfortunately, the only thing that worked for me after fighting with the same issue for 2wks was to refresh the system. A major drag. I myself have had so may endless problems with 8 that while I do like the new system, I am moving my brand new, Win8 installed machine back down to a Win 7 box. Wish I could be of more help. Good luck!
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    Use this to uninstall Norton completely:

    Try to remove all traces of AV with Ccleaner and boot in "Safe Mode". Should work!!
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    For your reading pleasure:

    Microsoft Fails AV-Test Certification
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    Quote Originally Posted by slurp812 View Post
    For your reading pleasure:

    Microsoft Fails AV-Test Certification
    A test by a less than reputable AV testing company, right.

    Also that was for MSE under Windows 7, which still remains the #2 most used AV in the world. This is Windows 8, with a hard coded and enhanced version of MSE built directly in tune with the new kernel.
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    Windows 8

    So what uninstall program did you use to totally remove Norton? I've tried the normal Uninstall in Windows 8 system but nothing happens. I've used successfully RevoUninstaller on older system and liked it. Anybody recommend something else that's any more effective?
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Still Can't Get Windows Defenders Turned On
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