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Anyone else with Avast get blue screens?

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    Anyone else with Avast get blue screens?

    So I had Avast on this machine since windows xp, back when they had a really bad interface almost like a CD player looking. In windows 7 I NEVER ONCE got a blue screen!

    Anyways today I got my first blue screen and I would of been fine with it if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't get to save my work and lost about an hour worth of work.

    All I remember was Avast kicked in it's Sandboxed mode to one of my programs that I created, I work with C++.
    Next second the computer is about to restart and then it restarts, my work gone just like that. Has anyone else gotten a blue screen, and more specifically a blue screen with Avast kicking in it's sandbox mode?
    I was mad pissed when it occurred!

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    If it were me, that would be good enough reason to uninstall it. Anyway, there's some mention of BSODs in the sticky thread at the top of this forum.
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    This problem was solved in the lastest Avast update, so just make sure to download the latest update for Avast from their site and you should not get more blue screens
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    Hi, Actually if you go to your Store Tile on the Start Page - open it and then type 'Avast' it will take you to the Avast Tile to download the latest version exclusively for Windows 8.
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    Ty ladies and gentlemans
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    theres an exclusive windows 8 version? is it any different than what I'd get if I installed it into vista?
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    Windows 8 Pro 64 bit

    Hi 'xraiderv1', All I can say is that I downloaded/installed the W8 version on the 14th Nov and over the 5 days since then all has gone well. I've used it to do a full scan and a boot scan and of course it has automatically checked my mail/browsing activity without the slightest problem so far. Personally I trust it and I do believe you can safely trust it to do the same job for you.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    why are you even BOTHERING with this type of crapware on W8.
    Windows defender has all the protection built in to the KERNEL (integral part of W8 now) . Forget W7 MSE etc. W8 has security implemented at a totally different level.

    Don't bother with things like avast etc -- they bring NOTHING NEW to the table (W8 not W7 of course -- different totally ballgame).

    NONE of these 3rd party security systems are worth installing on W8 -- SAVE YOUR MONEY -- just run Windows updates frequently and let Windows defender take care of the rest.

    Unfortunate name in W8 since in W7 Windows defender was just junk - but in W8 it's actually a hugely improved combined MSE and Windows defender which is now now incorporated into the W8 kernel itself.

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    New version of Avast works fine.

    I expect Acronis and makers of other types of software also had to make adjustments. I don't see Jimbo calling them crapware.

    Jimbo is completely wrong.

    Defender is there to provide basic protection out of the box.

    It is not intended to be a complete solution like 3rd party programs.
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    Hi SIW2,
    Do I have to stop Defender or can I use both at the same time, Thanks.
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Anyone else with Avast get blue screens?
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