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How do I do a manual scan of one file with Windows defender and Win 8?

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    How do I do a manual scan of one file with Windows defender and Win 8?

    In Windows 7 I used to be able to right click on a file and one of my choices was to scan with Microsoft security essentials, but that's no longer in my right click menu.

    How do I go about doing a manual scan on just one file using Microsoft's (I guess it's now Defender) Security Essentials in Windows 8?


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    I don't think they have built in.

    MS themselves describe it as basic security - and that 3rd party apps. are much more complete .

    It is only intended for people who otherwise wouldn't have anything at all.
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    Hi there
    Easy peasy

    Either from the menu or if you want to add it to the Windows (now called File) explorer

    Follw this link

    Add Scan With Windows Defender To Windows 8 Context Menu

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    Thanks, when I add that to my registry and try to scan a folder I get the error:
    "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

    Edit, I finally got it to get past the error I listed above however instead of opening the Windows Defender program window, it opens up a command window that has this in it:

    Double Edit: I should have just read the user comments on that article where they state that it doesn't work with the final build of W8, and even if it did it would only open up a command prompt.

    Any other suggestions from anybody, anybody at all? I'd really rather not have to switch to a 3rd party security package if at all possible.
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    Found instructions how to do this and get it to work at:
    Add Scan With Windows Defender To Context Menu In Windows 8
    For anybody else interested make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and read what one of the people wrote at the bottom in the comments section.

    The part about the missing "" around the %1

    I inserted the info into the registry manually and made the fix as the person wrote in the comments. Now when I check the log file it does indeed show that the folder in question was scanned and no threats were found. It's not perfect as I'd prefer to see the Defender GUI while it's scanning and any results through the GUI but I guess it'll have to do since I don't really want to switch to a 3rd party security application.
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    Technically you can install MSE on Windows 8 using Windows 7 compatibility mode... Then you'll get all the file/folder context menu scanning options you're looking for. MSE and Windows Defender use the exact same AV engine.
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    Old thread, sorry, but wanted to point out for others that Compatibility Mode does not work for MSE (tested Win7x64 installation on Win8Prox64)
    During the installation process a message informs;
    "Windows Program Compatibility mode is not supported by this program."

    I tried an earlier version, I assume it was for XP, and it won't run at all due to known compatibility issues.

    I'm unfamiliar in ways to bypass this compatibility check.
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How do I do a manual scan of one file with Windows defender and Win 8?
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