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AvG Or Avast ? Free?

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    AvG Or Avast ? Free?

    What's the best free antivirus that detects quick and knows when it's something bad before running/extracting/etc

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    none of them Windows Defender do the same job
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    Alright, how about firewalls?

    and how do i scan files with windows defender?
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    avg for now makes windows 8 crash has a bug in this version they are resolving this issue
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    Avast crashes windows 8 as well, so does ESET, these are few known programs.
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    I've used Avast for a number of years without problems on Vista & Windows 7. However when I upgraded to Windows 8 on the 25th October I found that 'Apps' were blocked. Being unable to solve the problem I first downloaded AVG, then removed Avast and finally installed AVG. This all on first day of Windows 8 and since then had no problems at all, AVG auto-checking mail and scanning without problems and so will stick with it as long as it works.
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    Avast is now fixed on Windows 8, new update made the blue screen error dissapear, so just make sure to download the lastest version from if your gonna use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brummyfan View Post
    Avast crashes windows 8 as well, so does ESET, these are few known programs.
    Avast is now fixed on Windows 8, new update made the blue screen error dissapear, so just make sure to download the lastest version from if your gonna use it.
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    Hi everybody
    DON'T WASTE ANY MORE TIME on FREE AV software anymore on W8 or MONEY on PAID FOR for versions (Home users only - my remarks don't apply to corporate LAN users - different considerations apply in this case).

    Windows defender (don't confuse with the rather hobbled version that exists in W7) is a perfectly good product now an integral part of W8 -- you CAN do manual scans with it --go to the search on the charms bar, enter windows defender and it will launch a screen like this (sceen shot enc).

    Choose scan now or whatever you need.

    It's far far better than the 3rd party Free apps as it's built right in to W8 kernel. W8 security is light years ahead of W7 security so forget everything you USED to be told about security on W7.

    Those free security programs do nothing except consume resources on your computer.

    (Note protecting corporate LANS is a different issue - but here you should use a professional PAID application designed specifically for weaknesses of large LANS).

    BTW also forget any of those magazines listing "comparative values" of security applications or similar -- these results are ALWAYS at least 6 weeks out of date by the time you get to read them -- and 6 weeks is almost a geological age in computer security as new attacks can appear at any time. However Ms usually updates windows defender daily - and as it's part of the windows kernel Ms will be able to update far quicker than the 3rd party vendors who have to rely on a "Windows API" delivered by MS - updated far less frequently or attempt to "reverese Engineer Ms fixes -- which may in some cases be illegal anyway.

    Remember the whole implementation of security in W8 is TOTALLY DIFFERENT to W7. - That's why some 3rd party security apps didn't work - and the effectiveness of those that DID might be questionable.

    In any case NO package will ever be 100% secure --the best security mechanism is actually YOURSELF so surf safely, don't open dubious (or in some cases even innocent looking) emails unless you know EXACTLY where they came from, take regular system backups, do the windows updates reasonably and if you must use torrent sites download to a separate VM so if it gets infected you can just bin that VM and start another one.

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    I use Avast and it has been like 4 years from now. I am a happy customer.
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AvG Or Avast ? Free?
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