I really need some advice that is directly related to the Kari method here. But to fully understand my problems it is perhaps best to give u background of what i have done to get to the mess i have now.

1) was running win xp, had a straight backup (no acronis .tib file or anything) of my documents (My Documents, My Music and My Pictures etc, ie the IMPORTANT stuff). This content was on a separate hdd to C: (xp)

2) I got a brand new 128gbSSD and installed win 8 pro onto it. I then followed Kari's method (migrating User and Program Data) from C: to E:

3) at this point I can't recall exactly what I did but suffice to say I somehow have all the data from 'My Documents' from winxp organised correctly in the new Library.
E: drive has User and Program Data as the two main root folders with all the stuff i had from win xp residing in a logical location (My Pictures in Pictures, My Music in Music etc). I must have done some direct copying but i can't recall lol.
But then disaster strikes and I discover metro doesn't work. I read that other ppl have the same issue and I am not alone.

3) So I decide to stuff it and just to a fresh reinstall of win 8 again (on the SSD of course) and forget about the whole migration thing, and instead just leave win 8 as it was intended and simply do things manually for redirections etc. I figure that things could get buggy or worse further down the line and cbf resolving, i'll let win 8 win for now. Fresh reinstall it is.

4) Now that i am in this new win 8 installation, and default User is still on C:, the Previous E: drive data (that has User left over from PREVIOUS Kari method) is behaving oddly. Just to be absolutely clear, i left E:User and E:Program Data alone from previous win 8 kari method installation, i just reinstalled win 8 on C: (128gb ssd).

Now being new to win 8 (and bearing in mind i am coming from Xp environment ie I have no experience of win 7) I am not sure what behavior is normal and which is odd. Here's an example of summin weird. I navigate to 'E:\Users\Eddy\Documents\Random Notepads' and when trying to edit a previous notepad (.txt file) I get the following steps;

a) right click a notepad>Edit.
b) i'm in a notepad, i add extra text, i then click 'save' (not save as).
c) 'Save As' box pops up, but i didnt click save as :S
d) I select same file ie overwrite.
e) 'xxx.txt' already exists. Do you want to replace it?
f) Yes
g) Access is denied.
h) ok.

Now at no point am i given option/prompt for administrative rights etc.

Also what is interesting is when in this location E:\Users\Eddy\Documents\Random Notepads and i right click empty space and go 'New' i get nothing, only '(Empty)' in grey. If i am in just 'Libraries\Documents' (E:\Users\Eddy) and also right click anywhere and go 'New' I get only 'Folder' as an option.

Perhaps some of this I am encountering is Win 7/8 stuff, perhaps some of it is a cock up with keeping the previous E:User from a previous Win 8 installation that involved Kari's method.
As this is important documents I don't want to kill old XP 'My Documents' backup located on a seperate hdd yet, but i really need to at some point as its hogging space.
If this is the behavior i'm getting from trying to edit a simple notepad i'm worried about trying to access photos/editing/mp3 file tags etc etc

I'm wondering what my next step is, if I just need to take full ownership back of E: for this Win8 installation (security/permission/object stuff that i know little about) or indeed kill it all and copy Xp My Documents back over again and create new 'Libraries' 'include folders' etc.
I prefer not to copy xp my documents back over again as i have since actually added new important files that will be harder to locate as the directories have all changed (i can't simply use a tool like Create Synchronicity and match the two volumes easily i.e E:User > My Documents).
What would be ideal is that I do some step that makes E: fully mine and in future when right clicking a notepad (or whatever) and click 'Save' it just saves and does none of this Save As Access Denied crap that i'm getting.

EDIT: Well i have just followed this step (Take Ownership of a File, Folder, Drive, or Registry Key in Windows 8) to no avail, i still can't change or edit files. I tried changing id3 tag details in a song, same deal denied.
I noticed that if I un-tick 'Read Only' it comes back, even tho I am Administrators Group.

It gets worse, my old 'My Documents' from win xp (on a seperate drive) only has My Pictures and My Music, I must have deleted 'My Documents and other files (like excel etc) along the way. SO although I can replace my music and pictures and gain full access control to these files again, it seems i have lost any editing rights to everything else in documents

I really need a comprehensive full proof way to gain access back to these files. Can anyone help?

Please advise.