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    Audio Craziness

    Hi Guys,

    So fairly new to the forums. I finally got W8 up and running after some drama with my SSD and WLAN drivers. Now i'm online and all but the audio drivers/settings are going kinda crazy. I'm running an ASROCK Extreme4 970 with the HD audio connector connected to headphone jack of my tower's front panel. Through that I use a set of Audio Technica M80s. Now, the crazy thing is when I've got my headphones plugged in while in W8, the system seems to detect my headphones/audio device over and over again. IE, it'll see my headphones and my onboard audio, then lose it, and then redetect it. Everytime it does it I hear a "boop" sound and it gets pretty annoying (think someone plugging/unplugging a USB device over and over again).

    I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and has a solution or know of where I can find it.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi there. Welcome to the forums.

    There are some options:

    Since you're on Win8, try to find sound drivers for your card here:

    Microsoft Update Catalog
    (Use IE for this site!)

    Search the (model) name of your sound card. (or the hardware ID's)
    If there are new drivers, install them (cab files -> extract first) from Device Manager.

    After that, if the problem is still there, there is a chance to be an improper connection between the jacks (cable problem, connector problem)

    When sound get annoying (I know what you mean) it's better to disable that ridiculous sound scheme:

    right click here:
    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    This is just a tweak in case the new drivers (if they exist) don't fix the problem. But can be applied when sounds get annoying.

    Hope this helps.
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Audio Craziness
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