I have windows 8 enterprise 32 bit running on a compaq DC 7600 but have no audio. Checking devices, it only shows the "windows high definition" and the ATI/HDMI devices, and on both of these it shows "speakers not plugged in" and several context menu options grayed out. I don't see a Realtek device showing anywhere.
Ordinarily I run Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on the same box and all this works flawlessly.

should I go get the Realtek Driver for Windows 7 and try to install it? Checking Windows 8 update I see nothing I don't already have, but does Windows 8 update include a hardware section? I don't see such showing as would be the case with Seven.

That all aside, sound should still be working via HDMI to my big monitor as it is driven by the ATI Radeon 6xxx series which has Catalyst 12 drivers in play. I queued up a video using the Windows 8 embedded media player and no sound... which is what got me started on this issue.

thanks for your wisdom