so i was sitting here and i remembered with XP, i could customize my sounds. so when i tried doing it here on w8.1, i notice we can not do shift. the major one for me was no custom sound on start up. found the box to uncheck, but the sound was hard coded. found this as a work around.....

Startup Sound Changer (free) - Download Latest version in english on CCM

could not be more simple. now the imperial march: vader's theme plays as i start up.

now i want the rebel theme to play on shutdown. can not find a work around, is there one?

now, i am also looking to have a sound play when i close a WINDOW.....NOT program. i see options for changing sounds of minimize, maximize, restore up/down, but where is the one for when you close a window? i do not see it as an option in the registry so i can change the value from 1 to 0, like i did for winlogon/off.

i sit here and want to snap my keyboard over my knee because i read that microSHAFT changed all this for security reasons? seriously? i have NEVER had a security problem due to sound bits. wtf??