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Headphones aren't recognized by computer?

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    Headphones aren't recognized by computer?

    Ok so like this is very confusing but hear me out
    One day i come home and go on my computer. All of a sudden, my headphones don't work.
    I've tried everything, and I think I've made it worse.
    I tried to unplug my headphones and put them into another jack but that doesn't work
    I tried to uninstall the headphones from my pc and reinstall but that doesn't work,
    the only thing that sort of worked was when i plugged my headphones into the front and made the pc think it was speakers?
    I can hear through 1 ear if i put it full in, but if i put it halfway it goes to both, but the quality gets worse.
    There is no bass boost or surround sound when i plug it into the front (i need for cs:go)
    The mic doesn't work at all in any way.

    In the back of my computer there are 3 ports, 1 pink, 1 light green, and 1 dark green.
    I've tried all sorts of combos of plugging my mic and headphone plugs into any of them, to no avail

    If it helps, as stated above, my headphones use two plugs, 1 for mic and 1 for sound. The mic is pink and sound is green.

    Also, when i look in the sound menu, it shows that sound is being played through the speakers, but I can't hear it


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    Definitely try another other cheap pair of headphones (without a mic attached to the headphones, just a standard pair of headphones)

    plugged into the back of the computer in one of the green ports.. I don't remember if sound out is dark or light green..

    then make sure other headphones have the same problem as your current headphones..

    then go here and check these settings..

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    Also do that with the headphones plugged in.. and make sure they show up in the pictures above...
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

    Can you help with the following:

    Does your PC have an addon sound card ?

    Also post a picture of the device manager with the sound options expanded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brooksndun View Post
    plugged into the back of the computer in one of the green ports.. I don't remember if sound out is dark or light green..
    The audio out port is always Light Green!(for 2-speaker setup and for headphones)
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Headphones aren't recognized by computer?
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