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Corrupt audio driver and blue screens.

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    Corrupt audio driver and blue screens.

    A few days ago out of nowhere i started experiencing a weird audio issue.All dialogues in any video online or on local disc were extremely muffled and basically inaudible while the background music and all sounds were fine,just the dialogue was muffled.I knew it had to be a software issue,i tried everything.I made sure no weird enhancement was active,that the driver was working fine,tried restarting windows audio service but nothing worked.

    Finally while looking under my playback device property levels tab, i changed the balance setting.Initially both left and right were at 100 but weirdly when i moved them,i no longer got muffled sound.Currently i have the left set at 50 and the right at 0 and i'm getting normal sound which is so weird.

    I'm also experiencing weird random BSOD which say VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR.I think this is related to driver problems.I tried uninstalling the audio driver but it resulted in the same blue screen.I was able to uninstall the driver in safe mode and re-install it but that did nothing.The driver is Realtek high definition audio

    What should i do now?

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    I'm also experiencing weird random BSOD which say VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR.I think this is related to driver problems
    Uninstall your Nvdia geforce drivers and reinstall the latest drivers.
    If the problem still continuous, probably not all drivers and files were removed. Remove the geforce drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller download here Display Driver Uninstaller Download version
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    Are you sure the display driver is the problem?I was having problems with the audio driver before the blue screens started appearing so shouldn't i uninstall the audio drivers?

    I did try to upgrade the audio drivers, revert to an older version of the Realtek audio driver, completely uninstall the Realtek audio driver, uninstall every audio driver I could find in device manager which included Realtek, Microsoft and NVIDIA audio drivers.This resulted in windows automatically installing the high definition audio driver, but the issue still persists and the blue screen still occour.
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    If you installed the generic, basic function, High Definition audio driver and you still have problems, either its a hardware problem with the sound chip (very unlikely) or some other issue rather than the sound chip or driver.

    I would look at the programs that have the problem.
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    Well i updated the NVIDIA graphic drivers and so far it's been two days and i haven't seen the BSOD so i guess that's fixed.But the audio issue still persists.It's not so much an issue as an absurdity.Currently the only way i can get sound from the PC is by setting the left speker balance to zero and yet surprisingly the sound comes from both left and right speakers.
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Corrupt audio driver and blue screens.
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