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Win 8.1 Recoding from Bose Mixer is bad; Win 7 is perfect?

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    Win 8.1 Recoding from Bose Mixer is bad; Win 7 is perfect?

    Hi 8 Forum folks,

    I have tried to record Guitar and Vocal on Win 8.1 (Acer Aspire) from a Bose Mixer/Amp setup using a USB connection and Audacity software; the recording is muffled, wobbly and like underwater. If I connect the usb cable to my Win 7 Home notebook, the recording is perfect. Any advice on what I need to do to get my Acer/Win 8.1 machine to make clear recordings.


    Tommy C Dublin

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    If you are using USB, you are not using the PC's sound card. Going digitally direct to the PC.

    Can you listen to the input with the PC's speakers? and if so, is it bad there? Or is it just playback from Audacity? Do you have the latest version of Audacity?

    I have a recording studio, but don't know what the Bose unit is and if its fully Win 8.1 compatible.
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    Thanks for taking the time fireberd

    Hi fireberd, I have audacity 2.0.5 on my Win 8 machine; the Bose Mixer is a Tonematch engine - about 3 years old (pre Win 8) - it has a small-d usb output to standard USB 2.0 for connection to computer - so I'm not sure I can get any other connectivity to try your suggestion about pc speakers. It is also connected to L1 compact amp. I've run it with my amp disconnected with the same garbled result. I am away from my set up righ now, but will come back tomorrow with full version specs for each component in the chain. My old samsung netbook (Win 7) has an older version of Audacity, and it records perfectly with everything else in the chain the same as I described it; I can export the mp3 files to the win 8 machine and they play perfectly. I'm seeing references to "enhanced audio services" in Win 8 - e.g. for cleaning up internet noise in Skype sessions etc - and am wondering if I would need to stop that service from running for music recordings......

    So thanks a lot for taking the time to help, and if anything else occurs to you when I post the extra spec info tomorrow, I'd be grateful for any further advice.

    Cheers for now,

    Tommy C Dublin


    I have resolved the issue but can't say how other than the fact that I downloaded the latest version of Audacity - 2.1.1. OnceI did that, everything has worked fine - on two separate recording sessions. My guess is that I may have corrupted some Audacity setting on my Win 8 machine (inadvertently), and the download effectively reset it. That's the only thing I can think of because my rig set-up and version of Win 8.1 is identical before and after the Audacity upgrade.

    Once again fireberd, thank you for taking the time to advise and help.

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Win 8.1 Recoding from Bose Mixer is bad; Win 7 is perfect?
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