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USB soundcard, turns volume down to zero.

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    USB soundcard, turns volume down to zero.


    I just bought a usb soundcard for my asus laptop, since the combo mic/audio jackstick is really bad.
    The usb soundcard says its compatible with windows 8(i run windows 8), so i thought it would be just fine to use.

    But the problem shows when i plug the usb soundcard in. When i do that, it looks like it's pressing the volume down key, down all the time. I see the volume bar on the top left of my screen all the time. If i try to increase the volume, it will just drop it down to zero again as if the volume down key was held down.

    This gif shows what im talking about. This happens everytime i plug the usb soundcard in. In the gif the only thing i touched was the mouse to increase the sound volume.
    Click image for larger version

    The usb soundcard i use is in this link its on danish some of it though.

    I hope some of you know what to do because im tired of searching the internet and just getting the "change settings to "do nothing" under communication"...


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    I don't think a small thumbdrive sized speaker works... At all... They need actual speakers. See if you can return it. Either a defect, false advertisement or the product isn't compatible with windows 8.1.
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USB soundcard, turns volume down to zero.
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