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Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

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    Hi Brink, I stumbled upon this thread because a few months ago my Rode SmartLav+ (lapel microphone) was working fine when plugged into my desktop's front HD panel (Realtek) but since doing a fresh install of Windows a few weeks ago, it no longer works when I connect it to my PC. The mic still works because I tested it by connecting it directly to my smartphone.

    So I thought about updating the drivers... Im on Audio Driver Version This is the lastest one posted by Asus (manufacturer of my motherboard) but it's last update goes back to October 2013! So I dont know why my mic was working thru the front panel before... should I try updating to the generic lastest 64-bit version you posted?

    I should add that a similar issue occurs on my Asus laptop, only in this case when I plug in the mic, Windows asks me if its headphones or speakers. Um, its neither! And it doesnt even show as an option in Recording Devices. This one's latest update also goes back to 2013.

    Not sure if there is a connection between the issues on my laptop and desktop... both are Asus, both latest update to specific product go back to 2013, trying to use the same mic in both machines, but difference on desktop is dedicated MIC input on front panel while on laptop is mic/phones combo jack.
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    It wouldn't hurt to give the latest driver version a try.
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    How do you install a .cab file??? (It wont let me use this as an apply latest update... says it already has the latest update. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by orlando1974 View Post
    How do you install a .cab file??? (It wont let me use this as an apply latest update... says it already has the latest update. )
    Use driver from here: Realtek it's .exe
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    OK so the laptop issue is ALMOST resolved. Installing the version 2.75 EXE has allowed me to record with my external microphone. Couple questions:

    1. Is it normal that the built-in webcam mic gets disabled when I connect an external mic, or does this depend on the laptop?
    2. When I connect it, it also thinks that its headphones or speakers because I get a pop up that asks if its headphones or speakers (no option to tell it its a microphone), and the speakers are disabled until I unplug the mic. (also seems to add an yellow exclamation mark next to High Definition Audio Device in Device Manager when I connect it)
    3. How do I update to the latest March version posted by Brink?
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    Extract the cab file to a folder with something like 7z. Then go to Device Manager and select to update the Realtek audio, choose to browse computer for file, then point to the folder you extracted cab to.
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    Do you need to be on an AMD machine for these to work? I noticed that the file downloaded thru the MS Update Catalog starts with "AMD...". I'm on Intel machine....

    ...and it keeps telling me that the latest version is installed ( Maybe the laptop is hardwired to know that there currently is no greater version released by Asus for this machine and therefore ignores my attempts to force upon it a generic driver?
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    Hello Orlando,

    I'm not sure what you mean. I don't see AMD anywhere in the file name for the download.

    You can download them on any computer though.
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    I think he means the generic term for 64bit processors: x86-64 (also known as x64, x86_64 and AMD64)
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    Ah, yep that must be it.
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Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8
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