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Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

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    It seems almost every week Realtek send out upgrades, replacements, patches etc. Why? Cant they get it right? I have a driver checking software that throws up realtek every damn check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elbmek View Post
    It seems almost every week Realtek send out upgrades, replacements, patches etc. Why? Cant they get it right? I have a driver checking software that throws up realtek every damn check.
    It's probably because of windows 10, last one has Dx12 support.
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    Danke Herr Count
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    What about latency?

    I've just installed asio drivers in place of the Realtek drivers to tame the latency involved when using usb audio guitar converters. Do the new Realtek drivers suffer from the same latency issues as to prior or should I stick with asio4all? I would really like for Microsoft to solve this issue so I don't have to re-tune by machine for specific apps, like guitar amp simulators, etc.
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    I haven't seen any input-output lag for some time now in 8.1 or 10. used to be real bad, TV card would lag by second or even two after few hours of use, microphone too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry delacruz View Post
    I've just installed asio drivers in place of the Realtek drivers to tame the latency involved when using usb audio guitar converters.
    I really hate it when that happens.
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    There's lag!

    I tried going back and using my usb audio interface with direct-x and realtek and it is unusable. The buffer has to be set at 2k before the artifacts clear up and that leaves a delay that makes it impossible to play behind. ASIO4ALL does provide a tenable latency with it's buffer at around 144, but it doesn't integrate or play well with all the windows components, especially the output, and this requires fine tuning. I've went in and reset the power components in the control panel to high-performance and reduced some timings in the registry, but the problem is with the realtek interface itself; tweeks to the system shouldn't be necessary in a 2ghz 6 gig machine to process audio without latency, it was done with a lot less in years past. I sure hope win 10 gets the audio right next month; MAC's are starting to look better all the time when it comes to audio processing.
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    Are you sure that lag is not from that USB interface ? I have 2 x USB2 video/audio digitizers (for security cameras) and a USB, over the air DTV card, all working at same time. None of them use Realtek codec on MB but have their own drivers and electronics and there's no lag that I can detect, picture and tone are perfectly synced.
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    Tried it both ways!

    I have two usb devices that I've used here, one is a Behringer uca200 interface that provides both stereo input and output channels thru RCA plugs, the other is a simple 1/4" to usb input only "guitar cord." When my q301la is running Realtek in "original" mode, I can plug these in and start playing (pnp) but with delay, probably 240 ms or more, not bad it your listening to videos or stuff but unusable for playing an instrument using audio feedback. What I do like about this is that it allows use of the existing Realtek audio so I'm able to bluetooth (or use the headphone jack) to speakers, and the software amp simulators, when used, behave very well. When I do this with ASIO4ALL drivers and makes some minor adjustments to the buffer and stuff, it perks-up really well and is usable as a direct feedback while playing. The problem is that I can't then use the ASUS's audio output and must plug in the Behringer and use its usb output, which is okay but requires cabling. Also, the amp simulators don't behave as well with the ASIO and sometimes freeze-up if I switch into and out of ASIO to makes adjustments. I figure if the usb interfaces were the cause of the delay it would manifest itself with either driver. Also, when watching the bar graph in the control panel while adjusting the input level (which is using Realtek?), the graph moves faster than the output, telling me the delay is at the Realtek side.
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    I have a recording studio. I don't use the PC audio for recording. If you are serious about recording get a USB connected recording interface unit. There are two channel units under $150 and some even less. You will never get what you want with the PC audio or with ASIO4ALL which fakes ASIO to some extent, ASIO4ALL is a crap shoot, it will work (somewhat) on some systems and screw up other systems.

    My studio (partially) is Sonar Platinum DAW software and a Roland Studio-Capture interface unit

    Here's one that's $100 PreSonus AudioBox USB |

    The recording forums are full of posts from people trying to use the PC audio and all the problems.
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Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8
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