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Problem with 'no sound' in Google Chrome

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    Problem with 'no sound' in Google Chrome

    I see lots of posts about problems with video sound when using Google Chrome - and I have tried many different suggested solutions with no success.

    Here is a recap of what appears to be a commonly experienced problem:
    If I visit any site with video, the video plays but no sound is heard through my laptop speakers when using Chrome, but the same video plays with sound from the speakers in all other browsers.

    I specifically mention speakers because here is the weird thing.

    If I view the sound mixer whilst playing the video in Chrome, this is what I see

    Click image for larger version

    From this it 'appears' that sound is being passed from chrome to my speakers - but they are silent.
    However - if I plug in an external headphone or speakers the sound is audible with no problem.

    So I am totally confused and obviously missing something here.

    Can anyone suggest how I go about determining the problem - and more importantly, correcting it??


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    Do you have the "Stereo Mix" set as the default Recording device? If not give that a try.
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    Thanks fireberd
    I have tried with 'Stereo Mix' enabled and disabled, set as default and not set as default - still no sound
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    Regardless of the outcome, the Stereo Mix should be set as default. Without it you will not be able to record audio from the internet, if you ever want to.

    As everything apparently works except with Chrome, it would appear to be an application problem and not a "sound" problem.
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Problem with 'no sound' in Google Chrome
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