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Same realtek drivers, different results. help!

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    Same realtek drivers, different results. help!

    Hey guys, for some time now i've been experiencing a terrible audio popping problem on my new rig. I thought it was my headphones so I bought new ones. It's something to do with the realtek drivers and I can't figure it out.

    So last night I tried uninstalling the latest drivers from the mobo site (again). I installed the previous version of drivers and bingo, no popping or clicking at all. Because I'm an idiot, I wanted to test to make sure that those drivers were indeed the problem. I uninstalled again, reinstalled the new ones and the clicking came back as expected. I reinstalled the drivers where the sound worked and the popping was back.... I'm now just using the windows drivers, it's not as bad as realtek currently.If anyone has any knowledgeable insight I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Asus x99 pro mobo
    windows 8.1
    gtx 980 sc
    16GB ddr4 2666
    i7 5930k

    Currently at work, here to answer questions and get ideas until I'm home.

    Ps. I have extensively tested all the system components and everything performs great.

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    This happened to me on my old laptop.
    It wasn't my speakers, it was my microphone thing.
    I turned off the microphone and the sound went away - weird right?
    If that doesn't work then get new speakers. Sometimes they can glitch.
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    I use a headset, I've even bought another one cause I thought mine was bad, same effect. This has been going on for over a week and the only time I've gotten it to work was last night.
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    Run the Resplendence Latency Mon and see what it shows. I suspect there is a driver or program that is causing it. The Latency Mon should show what it is. Resplendence Software - Advanced System Tools and Developer Components

    The popping/crackling, etc are an often posted problem. Drivers (not just the sound) can be a cause. Wi-Fi is another known cause. But each one has to be handled on its own as there is no "one fix" for the problems.
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    I guess I should note, this all started about 2 weeks ago on my old PC, which wasn't even using realtek drivers. So I thought at that time it was good to upgrade. It was still very high end. But now the same issue is happening with my completely new computer. ..

    Edit: first started happening after a routine unplug of my old comp and lightly getting dust out. Plug everything back in and it started... last night (on the new pc)when I got it to work for a while, I unplugged everything and plugged back in.

    Sound Popping/Crackling

    I've done some research and the above link is the only example I could find on the internet. Sounds like him and I had the same problem, unfortunately his was never solved.
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    I will when I get home. But what do you make of my last post? I know I sound crazy, but I've literally tried every fix I could find...
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    To be honest, I don't quite understand your old computer new computer references. Guess you are saying same thing is happening on two different computers. I just try different drivers in such cases.

    Also, what make/model of computer? You are sure you are using the correct driver? Disabling the headset mic has no effect?
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    The same issue with sound popping is happening on 2 completely different computers. The parts are in my first post. I'll be home in 2 hours and try drivers then but it's doubtful. This is a complex situation it seems
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    Run the Latency Mon as suggested. It will get you pointed in the right direction, rather than guessing.

    Edit/Added: Another thought, since this happened on the old PC could it be a program that you had installed on the old PC and also installed on the PC?
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Same realtek drivers, different results. help!
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