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Laptops disable built-in speakers when ext mic connected??

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    Laptops disable built-in speakers when ext mic connected??

    Hi, just a quick question... i notice that when I connect an external microphone to the mic/phones combo jack on my laptop, i cannot hear playback of what I recorded UNLESS i unplug the mic. This obviously makes for an impossible workflow. (The laptop in question is Asus N550JV.)

    Is this normal behavior on laptops? If so, any workarounds? (besides the obvious ones which are to get a mic that would use a different input technology or using a mic/phones combo headset)? I really like this lapel mic that I have and wanted to use it to record screencasts but having to unplug it everytime when playing back is ridiculous....

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    Many combo jacks are either microphone or headset, but not both. However, some newer laptops are coming with a combo jack that uses the same type connection as an iPhone or Xbox/PS4 which is a "tip, ring1, ring2, sleeve" type jack, rather than the conventional "tip, ring, sleeve".

    If yours is the iPhone type, an adapter may work. I can't tell what you have, the ASUS site and ASUS manual do not have specifics on that combo jack.

    It may be easier to just get a USB connection type microphone.
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    OK, upon EXTENSIVE testing, the plot thickens, and I cannot comprehend the WHY behind the results:

    I can successfully use an external lapel mic (Rode SmartLav+) OR an external smartphone headset (Samsung Galaxy S5 stock) to successfully RECORD audio. No adaptors are needed in order for this to work well.

    However, in terms of PLAYBACK, when I use the external mic only (Rode), my internal speakers get disabled so in order to hear anything, I have to unplug the Rode external mic. On the other hand, when I use the smartphone headset (Samsung) which contains earphones, the laptop does NOT disable its internal speakers to send the audio thru the headset. Instead I have to take off the earphones to listen to playback on the laptop's speakers.

    As you can see, the 2 scenarios are giving me the opposite of what I would think that plugging an external mic only would keep the built-in speakers "alive", and that plugging a smartphone headset would "kill" the built-in speakers and send the signal to the headset, given that it has audio output.

    Why am I getting the opposite of what I am trying to achieve? It defies logic...
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    What type of plug does the Samsung have? Is it the tip ring ring sleeve type? (see picture below).
    (I deal with audio but on a different level as I have a recording studio and don't use the PC sound).

    Click image for larger version
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    Hey fireberd, both devices tested (the Samsung headset AND the SmartLav+ mic) use TRRS connectors (like your image). They both record well without the use of an adaptor. Its just that when the mic only is plugged in, the laptop shuts off the built-in speakers to route the audio to "nowhere"... and when I have the opportunity to hear the audio thru earbuds of the Samsung smartphone headset, the laptop suddenly decides to leave on the built-in speakers instead of routing the audio to the headset.
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    If I may, most stereo headsets, speakers and earbuds use the Tip Ring Sleeve arrangement but they can screw up the Tip Ring Ring Sleeve rig as the Ring and longer Sleeve on the plug messes up the contacts inside the TRRS socket, simply the different ways the two are made. Compare this image with the other one posted:
    Click image for larger version
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    Berton, I'm not sure how this helps me solve the issue... I have an adaptor which converts TRRS to TSR but its not needed in order for me to record successfully from either of my 2 options. In fact, it makes things worse in one case. As mentioned, the problem is with Playback. Laptop is disabling internal speakers when external lapel mic is connected, and is keeping them enabled when headset with mic is connected!
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Laptops disable built-in speakers when ext mic connected??
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