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Speakers and Headphones?

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    Speakers and Headphones?

    Hey, I was trying to get Skype to play through my headphones and Spotify to play through my speakers. I have tried everything, using realtek manager to set the headphones as "Headphones" and my speakers as "Front Speaker Out".

    I downloaded the trial CheVolume, which looks pretty useful however in my sound setting I only ever have "Speakers" I never have Headphones.. is this a problem and how do I fix it?

    Current setup with both headphones and speakers plugged in:
    Click image for larger version

    Setup with only speakers plugged in:
    Click image for larger version

    Any help would be really appreciated thanks!

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    Windows only allows one default audio playback device. Thus everything will come through whatever is the default device. Unless you can possibly find a 3rd party program that will route things differently you will have to live with the Windows limitation.
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Speakers and Headphones?
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