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Sound popping Windows 8.1 Pro

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit

    Sound popping Windows 8.1 Pro

    Recently I started noticing popping sounds at multiple frequencies (mostly higher frequencies) when playing audio. I don't know what caused it, but this is what I already tried:

    • Using a different audio port.
    • Updating drivers.
    • Updating BIOS.
    • Disabled all unused sound ports.
    • Installed windows again.
    • Using different headset (regular in-ear headphones and razer kraken pro).
    • Trying to get my DPC latency as low as possible.
    • Bought a new sound card, but I still have the popping sound.
    • Disconnecting keyboard and mouse to see if there was a driver conflict.

    What I have already tried after creating this thread:

    • Disabled built-in soundcard.

    I installed the razer sound drivers and now it masks the popping a little bit.

    Is there anything else I can try?

    I have now got a new graphics card to see if the GPU causes it, but I can't replace it until tomorrow.

    Could it be the motherboard (3 year old)?
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    Popping, crackling, dropouts, etc. can have many causes. Sound Drivers, Video Drivers, Wi-Fi, power supply are just some potential causes.

    Does this happen only with headsets? Do you get this with PC speakers?

    As you have a separate sound card, disable the built in sound in the BIOS so there are no conflicts.

    Download and run the Resplendence Latency Mon as it may help in troubleshooting. Do not use the DPC Latency Checker as it is not Windows 8/8.1 compatible and will give a false reading.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit

    Can't get acces to speakers right now, so I don't know yet.

    I disabled the built in soundcard, but it still happens.

    As for the latency tester: the only value that is too high is the highest reported DPC rountine execution time. The driver that causes it is the one from my new soundcard, but I had the problem before the new soundcard.


    Tried with another motherboard. My motherboard is broken. The issue has now been fixed
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Sound popping Windows 8.1 Pro
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