Hey all,

I've been using a Windows 8.1 HP Envy laptop for quite some time with no problems. It used to have very strong headphone output, and I could hear it just fine even at 2-3% volume.

However, a few days ago I made the mistake of going into the preinstalled Beats Audio manager and hit "Restore defaults," just to see what it was like. It set the headphone output to the exact opposite state - I can barely hear it at all if I crank every last output setting up to 100%, and it's completely inaudible otherwise.

I've checked the usual culprits - driver updates, skype, etc - and none seem to be causing it. I've made sure everything is maxed in mixer and volume control, and I can confirm it's not a hardware issue, as volume output via headphones is normal when I dualboot to my ubuntu partition. I've scoured the internet for fixes, but the typical fix (uncheck enhancements under speaker properties) doesn't seem to exist in windows 8.1.

Out of desperation, I system restored and it reverted to a normal volume; however, it went back to being super low after the next restart. Repeated system restores, even to the same restore, have failed to fix the volume again, so I assume it was a coincidence the first time.

I'm honestly stumped and at my wit's end here. I think it the sound card might be directing the audio oddly when something is in the jack, but I have no idea how to change or edit that in 8.1.

tl;dr I "restored defaults" with Beats Audio, and my headphone volume went from being permanently super high to permanently almost inaudible, and I can't undo this.
Any help from someone who's seen this before would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!