As the title says, i have problems with my sound when Chrome is minimized (while playing a youtube video) and im working in open office.

The sound gets choppy. But when Chrome isnt minimized and i am in the Tab where the video is playing, the sound is fine. Ive tested the same with some mp3 files on different players (vlc, media player classic etc) and even when i minimized the players, the sound is fine.

So what i think is, that the problem might be chrome, so ive installed firefo and its still the same

What could my problem be? The only plugin ive installed in chrome is Silverlight because i need that plugin for whatching TV over Internet (from my isp).

I.hope someone can help me

My specs:

i7 4710hq
8GB Ram
GTX 860M

Model: Acer Aspire VN7 591g-77a9
Windows: 8.1 64bit